Today: March 24 2019
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Opened the recruitment channel for prostitution in Cyprus

Opened the recruitment channel for prostitution in Cyprus

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29 June, three girls were detained at the Kiev airport Boryspil before the flight to Larnaka. According to the press service of the police of Ukraine, the supply of young ladies to Cyprus for illegal provision of intimate services was organized by the "elite priestess of love", previously herself trained on the island of Aphrodite.

According to the site of "Nikolayev's News", for a long time the operatives of the department for combating crimes related to trafficking in human beings documented the activities of the 24-year-old resident of the regional center, which supplied girls for paid sexual services to tourists in Cyprus.

Her "labor" experience of an attacker began with prostitution, and later grew up the career ladder to the status of trafficking by people. In Cyprus, it has established itself as an "elite priestess of love," which has an individual approach to each client, and in the course of time decided that it will be able to master more responsible duties.

Returning to Nikolaev, the girl began to use the experience accumulated during the year of "successful activity" and to look for herself among the representatives of the ancient profession - unemployed, low-income and those who were in a vulnerable condition.

However, it was not easy to get to Cyprus. Ladies, according to police, should have an attractive appearance and a glamorous look. And they made a promise not to be capricious, if the client comes up with special requests. Candid photos were estimated by the foreign employer. If the girl's face control did not pass, then "could prove themselves in Turkey, where the requirements are not so inflated."

The author of the scheme promised from 150 dollars per hour of "active rest", 50 of which it was necessary to give to employers. It is established that all the expenses for processing documents and the "rest" itself were incurred by foreigners - the so-called host party. The girls worked from sunset to dawn, the police say.

The organizer of the "tours" to Cyprus was detained at the place of residence in the Korabelniy district of Nikolaev. During the investigation, the police seized receipts of foreign money transfers plus bank cards, and also found correspondence with citizens of other states and other material evidence.

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