Today: December 16 2018
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Investigation of construction in the area of ​​sea caves Peyi

Investigation of construction in the area of ​​sea caves Peyi

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The Control Committee of the House of Representatives asked Auditor General Odysseus Michaelis to investigate the construction of villas in a protected area near the sea caves in Peyia. The deputy of the ACEL party, Irini Kharalambidu, said that the committee sent a letter to the auditor with a request to conduct a thorough investigation on this issue, which caused numerous protests from environmental organizations and the public at large.

In particular, the authorities are interested in how the developer was able to purchase land in the area and then received a building permit. According to Kharalambid, the committee asks for information on the responsibility of the city authorities and the minister, who has signed several documents.

As it became known, the plans of this district were changed nine days before the presidential election of 2008 year, signed by Christos Patsalidis, then the Minister of the Interior of Cyprus. Patsalidis told the local media that he acted according to the recommendations of experts that were provided after consultations with local officials, the district administration and heads of councils. According to him, then no one objected to the changes in the terrain plans. The former minister also asked why, after 10 years, a building permit was issued, if his decision was unlawful.

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