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Rev. John the Ladder - Reasoning is the true comprehension of the will of God at all times, in every place and in every thing; It is only in the pure in heart.

Rev. Anthony the Great "It is incessantly necessary for people to remember that raising this little and little work in life, after death, we will receive the greatest comfort and eternal bliss.

- Struggling with passions and wishing to be crowned from God, if he falls down, let him not be unkind and does not remain in this fall, despairing in himself; But, having risen again, let him fight and take care to receive the crown, rising to the last gasp from the falling falls. Bodily works are instruments of virtue and are salutary to the soul.

- People are usually called clever by the misuse of this word. Not those are wise who have studied the sayings and writings of the ancient sages, but those who have a clever soul, who can judge: what is good and what is evil; And the evil and the soul run away, but about the good and useful, they rationally radiate and do that with great thanksgiving to God. These alone, verily, must be called intelligent people.

Rev. Maxim the Confessor - Reasonable use of thoughts and things delivers chastity, love and knowledge, and unreasonable - intemperance, hatred and ignorance. All intelligent and intelligent being is divided in two; On the angelic and human nature - and all the nature of the angelic is again divided into two main moral unions and societies: the sacred and the damned, ie, On holy forces and wicked demons; And the whole human race is divided into only two unions, i.e. On the pious and the wicked.

- In all that we do, God looks at the goal, for Him or for what else we do that. Why, when we want to do something good, we will not aim at humaneness, but god-worship, so that, looking always at Him, we will do everything for Him, otherwise we will carry out our labor in vain, and we'll kill the bribe. God created the invisible world and the visible; He also created the body and soul. And if the world seen is so beautiful, then what is the invisible world? If he is better than this, how far above both of them created God. If now the Creator of all kindness, best of all created, then for what reason the mind, leaving the best of everything, is engaged in all the worst, i.e. carnal passions? Is it not obvious that he was used to it, having treated them since birth, and has not yet experienced what is better and higher than everything. Thus, if by long-term abstinence from sensual pleasures and teaching in the Divine little by little we reject it from such a habit, then, gradually becoming prosperous in this, will settle down to the Divine and its own will know the dignity, and finally, and all its commitment will be transferred to God .

- There are four main types of the abandonment of God: the other leaving the providence, as it was with the Lord Himself, so that the seeming remnant might save those left behind; The other is test, as was the case with Job and Joseph, in order to show one pillar of courage, the other of chastity; Another - spiritually-educational, as it was with the apostle Peter, in order to keep in humble spirit a surfeit of grace; Another - abandonment in disgust, as it was with the Jews, in order to turn punishment to repentance.

Rev. Isaac the Syrian - Do not tell another that you yourself have not experienced, so that you were not ashamed of yourself and by comparing your life you did not reveal your lies.

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