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Peace distributor - Church

Peace distributor - Church

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Try to gather more often for the Eucharist and the glorification of God. For if you often come together, the power of Satan is being cast down and the destructive deeds are being destroyed by the unanimity of your faith. There is nothing better than the world, for it destroys every battle of the heavenly and earthly spirits. Sainted Ignatius the God-bearer (1, 275).

Denounce one another, but not in anger, but in the world, as the gospel teaches, and with everyone coming insulting towards another, let no one speak and no one listens to you until he repents. Didakhi (Cited by LMP, 1975, No. 11, pp. 72).

The Lord says: "Peace I leave with you" (John 14, 27), saying as it were: what harm to you from the turmoil of the world, while you are in peace with Me? For my world is not like the world. This world is often harmful or useless, but I give you a world that will unite you into one body. And this will make you stronger than anyone else. Although many will rise up against you, but you will not suffer at all in unanimity and mutual peace.Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria. The evangelist, or the interpretation of the Holy Gospel. Ed. 2-e, Kazan, 1875, p. 368.

In the doctrine of the Divine, we are just as unanimous and agree as Deity is with Himself. St. Gregory the Theologian (12, 216).

If the king cares about the church

the world ... then let ... the church cathedral will be made away from the palace, where the king would not be present, her komite appeared, the judge did not threaten, but only the fear of God and the apostolic decrees would be sufficient, so that the faith of the Church was best preserved. Sainted Liverius, Pope of Rome (3, 133).

Turn to the way of the gospel of Christ and hold fast to it, so that your mutual unanimity will always flourish and be permanent, and the face of your Lord will again turn to you, and with the peace the grace of the Spirit of God will come upon you. St. Gregory Palamas (65, 18).

If we do good, the world will dwell in us.

"The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace ..." (Gal. 5, 22). Therefore, if we, after leaving the images, perceive the truth and spirit of the Scriptures, at once love will first open to us and, passing from it to joy, we will find peace ...

... Let's not think that the world consists only in not quarreling with another person: the peace of Christ, that is, our heritage, happens to us when a calm thought is not angered by any passions.Blessed Jerome. Creations, book. 17, Kiev, 1903, p. 163, 182-183.

If a person does not put in his heart that apart from his one and God no one else in the world, then he can not find peace in his soul

his. The Monk Anthony the Great (82, 68).

Until a man loves God from all his strength, until he clings to God with all his heart, until then he is not given rest from God (82, 141).

The peace of the soul is due to the obedience of its powers to the mind. Rev. Abba Isaiah (82, 216).

Renounce your will, reject everything that leads to the worries of this world and to distraction, and you will find peace. Reverend Sieoy the Great (82, 350).

We will fulfill the will of the Father, who called us to life, we will strive more for virtue, leaving the evil propensities that precede sins, avoid wickedness, so that evil does not come upon us. For if we try to do good, then the world will dwell in us. For this reason, it is not possible to find it by those that bring fear to man, preferring the local delight to the future promise.Sainted Clement of Rome (1, 124-125).

Reject excuses and be calm in the short days of your earthly journey (82, 335).

If we seek rest, then he will run away from us; if we flee from rest, he will follow us. Reverend Pimen the Great (82, 334-335).

In the prayerful work of slaves there is no world of thought; there is no chaos of rebellious embarrassment in freedom. Reverend Isaac the Syrian (82, 268).

Who, having the fear of God, will completely curb passions, strangle various beasts - evil thoughts and will not allow them to hide inside, he will enjoy the purest and deepest world. This world was given to us by Christ (John 14, 27), the Apostle Paul wished for the believers, repeating in each epistle: "Grace to you and peace from God our Father" (1Cor. 1, 3; Gal. 1, 3, etc.) .). Whoever has this world is more benevolent than all people, is not burdened by poverty, is not exhausted by illnesses and illnesses and is not embarrassed by any other unexpected disasters, because he has a soul capable of transferring all this courageously and quite easily, a strong and sensible soul (39, 33).

Looking at the location of the host, the world can and come to them, and again move away. St. John Chrysostom (41, 357).

The heart can only enjoy the blessed world when it abides in the Gospel commandments, when it abides in them with self-sacrifice (111, 504).

With reverent obedience, give thanks to the judgment of God and justify the instruments chosen by God for your punishment. The world of Christ descends into your heart (108, 176).

From living faith in God, complete submission to God is born, and from obedience to God - a world of thoughts and peace of mind (111, 533).

Then only one can find the holy peace, when the thought and the heart are immersed in the humility of Christ and His meekness, having learned them from the Gospel (111, 505).

Humility is born of obedience and is supported by obedience. Humility is introduced into the soul of the world of God. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (108, 275).

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