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Exposed the worst myths about the Great Patriotic

On the eve of Victory Day in the network again pops up a standard set of "myths about war." Well, those where "worse than Hitler, Stalin", "USSR - was the initiator of the war", "piled with corpses," and other "millions of German women were raped" and "whitewashed the US war, and the Soviet Union participated only slightly."

These myths do not change from year to year, and knowing that again on the space network will rush this information wave, standing once again expose the most popular ones. The benefit of historical research on this subject a lot, and only need to get this information to the widest possible audience.

It is also necessary to remember that all this talk about the Second World War, they are only partly about the past. Mainly all these myths about our present and future. Undermining our glorious past, tremendous efforts and sacrifices of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, anti-Russian propagandists simply trying to show that Russia - is a monster. He has been in the past, otseetsya now and will be the future. Anything not capable, except for the massacres and looting the country. Which itself also provoked Hitler.

So, in fact, to expose this mythology is necessary each year as its occurrence in actual information agenda.

So, one of the most popular tales in the liberal opposition media is a myth about the friendship between Stalin and Hitler, and that German weapons "was forged in the USSR." On this occasion, at one time advocated are already a number of historians. For example, recently, a researcher at the Second World Evgeniy Spitsyn in an interview once again talked about who and how "forge weapons Millennial Reich."

And this in a period of "interbelluma" between the First and Second World Wars, economic stakeholders were the United States and Britain and France and other "European democracies". That, in fact, until the end of 30-s much more afraid of the Soviet Union than in Germany and fascism. Actually, it was supported by the Europeans, such as the rejection of territories from Czechoslovakia. In general, campaign in Germany "to the East".

As for the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and active indignation "progressive community" on this occasion, the Spitsin explains: "Just one click Stalin defeated European geopolitics. He actually signed the pact a week before Hitler's attack on Poland, and unleashed all mnogohodovki design, born in the heads of a few years before. They came just in indescribable horror. Winners diplomatic battles 18-th, 19-th, 20-centuries believed that they all obvedut around your finger. Not circled!

The plan of the war against Poland, code-named "Weiss" Hitler signed in 1939 in April, that is, for 4 months before the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Hitler attacks Poland. It is clear that in Poland he will not stop. Where should he go further? According to the strategists in Paris and London, Hitler was to move further east. He himself wrote about "living space" in the East. And they were already in anticipation of sitting, they for this and to power brought him. And what does Hitler do ?! He signed an agreement with the USSR and moved his hordes to the west. And we well know what it ended for European countries.

That is why the pact is a burning hatred of the members of our liberal society. Stalin won the European diplomacy and strategy before the war. "

Similar information about how the West "moved" to the East of Nazi Germany as it provoked a war with the Soviet Union, resulted in 2016, in his article, historian Alexander Chausov: "There comes a year 1925, in which passes the Locarno Conference.

By and large it is and identified promotion of the third Reich, primarily in the East. For example, at that point, that Germany is committed to the territorial integrity of the West European powers. But for Eastern Europe somehow forgotten. The second point - the agreement of Locarno in a very streamlined form recognized the right of "consolidation of all Germans in a single sovereign state."

And, most importantly, now the aggressor state is that which is first attacked at the other Western European countries. In the 1933-m Hitler came to power in Germany, and, in fact, the first thing he started to do - is to embody the Locarno agreements in life as he knew it.

It looked something like this: Reich captured another territory, violating another clause Versailles arrangements, spent another militarist initiative, and then stated that "in the interests of Germany are completely satisfied." And Europeans allies that "believed". Well, in the East are the same people, we are not too touching. "

In other words, the West nurtured and fostered the Nazi monster, and the war came to him only when it turned out that the monster does not intend to submit to the West and to act in its global interests.

One way or another, but the Soviet Union was attacked by Germany. And won for our country was very hard. We have suffered the loss of millions of dollars - and makes it possible for this there are several "myths". First, about the "piled with corpses," and that the whole of the Red Army was captured by the Germans. Therefore, the United States defeated Germany and the Allies. Who fought during the last stages of the Great Patriotic War and went to Berlin - in this case is not very clear. But where are the propaganda myths, logic, apparently, is not important.

In this regard, the answer again gives historian Evgeniy Spitsyn: "For example, the same prisoners who were taken in the first months of the war, said that almost the entire Red Army was captured in the first months of the war - there 3-3,5 million. It is a lie that now some people post. Serious historians are specifically engaged in this count - got about 500-550 thousand in the first weeks of the war in captivity. Under Kiev too, was captured by hundreds of thousands, but not 650 thousand are said to liberal historians about 430 thousand. This, of course, a lot, but it's not three million. "

In this case, the researcher points out, "the main result of the border battles, the battle of Smolensk, the Battle of Kiev, etc. It consisted in the fact that the Barbarossa plan collapsed. They knocked out Hitler's schedule. Blitzkrieg has not happened, and Hitler had lost the war already 1941 year. It was clear to all. The question was only during the time when Hitler finally be broken ridge. Therefore, all those who fought in it 1941 year, to give the lowest and the holy bow for what they are with their lives, in fact, have predetermined our victory in May 1945 years. "

But that's not all. Those who "wade" through "piles of corpses" and "valor allies", run across the notorious German women. The amount of two million rapes. These figures, as it turned out last year, came up with Entoni Bivor, Britain's sovietologist and logical way, the terrible Russophobia. Two million rapes he brought nine (!!!) reported cases of abuse. By the way, all those responsible for the Soviet soldiers went to a tribunal. Yes, unfortunately, there were also such deplorable things, but the perpetrators were carrying the inevitable punishment, and such cases were vanishingly small.

In parallel with the rape, and our western liberal society tell absolutely ridiculous things about the "bicycle theft". A Soviet soldier allegedly tried to steal a bicycle and a resident of Berlin was imprinted in the act on camera. As it became known in 2010, the soldiers bought the bike. At least in the explanatory entries on this photo is written this way: «Russian Soldier Tries to Buy Bicycle from Woman in Berlin, 1945».

And finally we "treat" a phrase that is attributed to Zhukov, the Voroshilov, Stalin, the general Peter I or Apraksin, about "the soldier to spare, women still give birth" - that is typical propaganda yavyaetsya crafts without references to primary sources. Nevertheless, it is in vogue in our "liberal society", which shows the way "all the inhumanity of the Soviet system."

In general, all this, of course, sad. And the fact that on the eve of Victory Day is necessary to write about the outstanding feat of the Soviet people, and expose the dirty tricks that are poured on this feat on all sides - the sad reality of today. The sad fact that in the US and Europe are already very few know the outline of the historical events. But there is the matter of anti-Russian propaganda put on stream.

The main thing is that we, in Russia, still remember correctly, and understand that we are alive thanks to the huge sacrifice on behalf of our ancestors.

And as for the "myths", the wind of history will disperse them.

A source: Politonline

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