Today: November 19 2018
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Allowed to use the land within the British bases in Cyprus

Allowed to use the land within the British bases in Cyprus

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Britain and Cyprus signed an agreement in London on the development and use of land, located on the territory of a sovereign British bases on the island.

It involves the removal of restrictions on the development and other use of the land by their owners on a site of approximately 200 m. km within these areas, which is 78% military bases.

The agreement was signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom William Hague and Foreign Minister of Cyprus Ioannis Kasoulides in the presence of the President of the Republic of Nikos Anastasiadis, who is in the UK with a four-day official visit.

Cypriot leader after the ceremony, hailed the event as historic for Cyprus and stressed that the agreement "provides equal rights to residents and property owners in the territory of the British bases from citizens living in the country." "For the first time 53 years since the founding of the Republic of Cyprus reached agreement on common rules for the development of land in the territory of the British bases," - he said. According to him, these areas will now be included in the plans of urban development in Cyprus.

The agreement will lead to the normalization of life for people in 15 settlements and open up opportunities for commercial use of the land, including the acquisition and development of real estate in Europe and the citizens of third countries, which generally have a positive impact on the development of the Cypriot economy.

On the southern coast of Cyprus are two sovereign bases UK - in Dhekelia and Akrotiri - which were left on the island under the terms of agreements to grant independence to the country in 1960 year. They occupy an area of ​​254 m. km, which is about 3% in Cyprus. In this 60% of land there belongs to the citizens of Cyprus and 40% - UK Ministry of Defence.

Databases are essential to London and NATO as a whole, because their territory is Consolidated Unit of the Armed Forces - one of the world's largest observation posts and observation. Traditionally, databases are used to support military operations in the region. So, Akrotiri was a major hub for transportation of troops and cargo during the war in Afghanistan, and in 2011 he played the role of a command center for the coordination of international military operations in Libya.

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