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To destroy the unity and to impose the papacy: Constantinople jeopardize Cathedral

ROC has proposed to hold an emergency 10 June Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference in connection with the refusal of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to participate in the cathedral.

The decision of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople not to respond to the comments of several Orthodox churches on the shortcomings in the preparation of the All-Orthodox Council jeopardizes the likelihood of its holding 17-26 June in Crete (Greece). Despite the long (from 1961 year with interruptions) and the complex preparation of the Council, which was supposed to present to the whole world the opinion of the Orthodox on a number of topical issues, its cancellation or postponement of the time will not be a great tragedy for the Russian Orthodox Church. However, the behavior of the Patriarchate of Constantinople clearly demonstrates an attempt to impose the papacy on Orthodoxy, increasing its authority and strengthening its influence. Such an opinion on what was happening was expressed by TASS authoritative clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church has proposed to hold an emergency 10 June Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference in connection with the refusal of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to participate in the Pan-Orthodox Council. Refusal to participate in the council of one of the 14 churches deprive him of the status of the Pan-Orthodox. Synod of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople took 6 June decision to prepare for the Cathedral as planned.

The dictatorship of the Patriarchate of Constantinople

Constantinople Orthodox Church is trying to establish a dictatorship in relations with other 13 Local Orthodox Churches, rejecting the proposal of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to hold an emergency meeting before the Pan-Orthodox Council. This opinion was expressed TASS associate professor of the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg University Deacon Vladimir Vasylyk.

"Constantinople urged to do urgent work on the mistakes in the run-Orthodox cathedral, and not only we, but also Bulgarian, Antiochian Church, meeting the monks of Mount Athos, -. Said Vasylyk -. Nevertheless, with the donkey stubborn bureaucrats Patriarchate of Constantinople haughtily despise their fellow unwilling to change anything. thus, they go against the fullness of the Orthodox church, thus they show that they want to establish the dictatorship of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. "

The historian noted that this is evidenced by the fact that Constantinople feels entitled to collect the Pan-Orthodox Council. "He (the Constantinople - approx Tass.) Wants to arrogate to itself the right to universal jurisdiction, have the right to give and take autocephalous, that is, to control any of the Orthodox Church," - said Vasylyk. In his opinion, "once great Patriarchate of Constantinople, which was the repository of Orthodoxy and educator of many peoples of the world, has now become a repository of free-thinking, liberal and delusion from which he did not stubbornly want to give."

Member of the Synodal Biblical and Theological Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church, rector of the Life-Giving Trinity Church on Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow, Protopriest Andrei Novikov believes that "the Patriarchate of Constantinople is trying to impose its authority on the Orthodox world, which in fact does not exist, and not only have a very conditional primacy over honor, but also the primacy of some kind of administrative authority. " "I'm afraid that such a tough dictatorial stance is an attempt to impose one's opinion, and this is the desire of unbridled absolute power in the Orthodox world," he said.

Eastern papacy

Novikov said that "there is an opinion shared not only in the Russian Orthodox Church, it is a manifestation of what we call" eastern papacy. "" Cathedral of the Patriarchate of Constantinople appears as a kind of attempt to increase its authority, the claim for certain special powers in the Orthodox world "- he said.

The absence of the papacy in Orthodoxy fundamental difference from the Roman Catholic monk named Russian Orthodox Church Makarios (Marques), clergyman of the Diocese of Ivanovo-Voznesensk, religious writer, missionary, author of numerous books. He stressed that "Orthodoxy is alien to the papacy." "The papacy - is one of the principles that we are separated from Roman Catholicism, this principle does not take place in the Orthodox Church." - Said the monk.

"We are not in any way do not want to quarrel with the Catholics, but we do not want to identify themselves with them", - said the cleric. According to him, "Pan-Orthodox Cathedral - a good thing, and we do not mind this Council, but this is external to the Church." "This kind of statement that want to do the Orthodox people all over the planet Earth that is Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy looks like on the external problems and unhappiness, which perceive the planet Earth But planet Earth -. Not the Church", - said the monk.

He recalled that throughout the history of the Church Councils were going to solve the urgent, urgent internal church problems.

not a tragedy

Hieromonk Makary noted that "Patriarch (of Constantinople) Bartholomew does not want a common Orthodox witness". "Of course, we grieve it, but this is not the tragedy of the Russian Orthodox and other churches, Orthodox leaders all over the world continue to have this opportunity -. To say the whole world around that this orthodoxy, to preach the Word of God, and so on", - he said.

"We can only pray that the matter did not end the new split and unprepared this cathedral was buried, and The Orthodox Church came out of this one and whole," - said Vasylyk.

According to Novikov, "very surprised reaction to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Orthodox" could hold a Pan-Orthodox council, which would respond to the pressing problems facing the Orthodox Church, to really demonstrate its unity. "But, apparently, until it will not come true .

"I am very surprised by the reaction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople I am afraid that the recent decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in general call into question the conduct of the Council." - Said Novikov.

Claims Churches

Complaints to preparing for adoption by the Council of the documents is not only the Bulgarian church, but also in the Greek (Greece), Antioch (Syria), and Russian. "It is very serious claims and expressed by the episcopate, and monasticism, and the most faithful of different Churches, including the Russian Orthodox" - said Novikov. ROC proposed to only take into account the wishes of all Orthodox council members, he said.

Claims relating to the content of the texts of the documents, as well as the regulations of the Pan-Orthodox Council. For example, the discontent caused seating arrangement representatives of Churches, pointing to their inequality, as well as the inability to edit documents during the Council, and only vote for or against it. The documents focus on the problems of marriage and the family, fasts and other relevant topics for the Orthodox believers.

History and scope of events

Practical work on the preparation of the All-Orthodox Cathedral is conducted with interruptions from September 1961. At the All-Orthodox Cathedral, the 24 bishop must arrive from each of the 14 local Orthodox churches. Local or autocephalous Orthodox churches - independent of each other but connected by a single liturgical communion - include Constantinople (Turkey), Alexandria (Egypt), Antioch (Syria), Jerusalem, Georgian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Cyprian, Hellas (Greece) , Polish, Albanian, as well as Czech lands and Slovakia and Russian - the largest of all. The last recognized ROC All-Orthodox Cathedral was held in the VIII century.

Convene Pan-Orthodox Cathedral Orthodox Church of Constantinople. Constantinople (now Istanbul) is a traditional venue for the Councils, but due to the complicated geopolitical situation elsewhere in the world were elected - the Greek island of Crete.

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