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The reaction of the world media: the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States at the G20 summit


The Washington Post: "President Donald Trump on Sunday tried to leave in the past statements about Russia's interference in the elections in the US in 2016, essentially rejecting the importance of unambiguous conclusion of the (American) intelligence community about the actions of a foreign enemy in order to establish partnership and cooperation with President Vladimir Putin. The first public commentary after talks with Putin in Germany, Trump vowed "to move forward in constructive work with Russia."

Newspaper Politico:"The meeting of the two presidents ended in a stunning victory for Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump provided him with this victory." In a word and deed, the US president signaled his readiness to adjust to the outlook of Vladimir Putin and took steps in this direction.He almost fully supported the picture of events that he scrupulously builds The Russian leader. "

The New York Times: "President Trump, during his first meeting face to face with President Putin, raised the issue of Moscow's interference in the election of 2016, but, as US officials reported, quickly moved on to the question of how the parties could work together, including in the counteraction to cyber attacks and the de-escalation of the war in Syria.The meeting between Putin and Trump pushed the rest of the agenda of the G-20 summit into the background and was viewed as potentially dangerous for the American president who is being harassed by questions of collusion with the Russian However, strangely enough, the talks with Putin turned into a favorable event for Trump on the first day of the G20 summit, where the US found themselves in increased isolation from other participants in the meeting on issues such as climate change, immigration and trade " .

The Wall Street Journal: "President Trump began his first meeting with President Putin expressing concern over Russia's interference in the US elections, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, emphasizing that Putin denied any interference." During the meeting with journalists, Tillerson noted that the agreement that comes into force The ceasefire in the south-western regions of Syria is the first indication that the United States and Russia are able to interact. Officials from Jordan and Israel, countries bordering on the south-western regions of Syria, both "Tramp wants Russia to commit itself not to intervene again in the affairs of the US or other countries, while he noted that Trump had spoken with Putin about how both sides could have been involved in the US-Russian negotiations. move forward in the light of disagreements about interference in elections. "

Broadcaster CNN:"Presidents Trump and Putin seem to have made some progress in overcoming differences on some issues, but it is too early to talk about success and announce the end of the hostility that has been a feature of recent US-Russian relations." President Trump has done more than he was expected to raise the issue of Russia's interference in the US elections at a meeting.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was reported to have told Russian journalists that Putin had denied any interference and that Trump accepted this statement, Secretary of State Tillerson had a fundamentally different version of the conversation: he said that both sides could not agree on this issue.As for Putin, for him, the current meeting was an even greater success. to be considered an influential player on the world stage, and he achieved it, and before the meeting with Trump, Putin had reasons to be satisfied with the course of events. Although the United States has not lifted sanctions against Russia, which is one of Putin's top priorities, he can happily observe what happens in the West after Trump comes to power. In the Western alliance, deep disagreements arose, and it was weakened. The United States and its Western European partners no longer adhere to common positions on key issues. "

ТFox:"The meeting took place in a situation where Trump changed the nature of his statements and took a tougher stance against Russia." Since joining the presidency, Trump's enthusiasm for establishing relations with Russia has been significantly extinguished and he criticized Russia for her support of Syrian President Bashar Assad The US also aroused Moscow's displeasure by agreeing to sell the Patriot missile defense system to Poland, and in a speech in Warsaw Trump criticized Russia for subversive activities around the world. "

Broadcaster ABC: "Russia and the United States said that the first meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Germany was successful, but after a few hours the White House had to defend Trump from criticism because he was accused of being soft in dealing with Putin, it seems that the Kremlin has bypassed the US administration in regard to the interpretation (outcome) of the meeting. "

Bloomberg Agency:"It is likely that President Putin was attending the first meeting with President Trump, with the desire to provide him with something that could be demonstrated to the American audience and reported on it in Twitter." Putin gave him the opportunity: a ceasefire agreement in the south- western part of Syria - the headline on 140 signs that Trump can use as evidence that his idea of ​​closer interaction with Putin's government begins to yield results ... Trump seems to be ready to go further, leaving on Adi dispute over Russia's interference in the presidential elections of the year 2016 ... Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said that the meeting "was obviously not a moment of triumph" for Trump, since nothing was achieved on it except an agreement on termination (in Syria.) According to him, the approach to the problem of interference in the election campaign is "alarming." "It is not surprising that the democrats procrastinated without delay," McFaul said. "

Forbes Magazine:"At first glance, it seems that the meeting demonstrated the willingness of the two leaders to achieve practical results on the basis of outwardly friendly relations between them, however, despite the statements of both sides that the meeting went well, it is obvious that they do not trust each other ... Russia's point of view, cooperation with the United States is based not only on assurances of friendship, but also on concluding various agreements that take into account Moscow's interests. This includes the recognition of Russia's right to have all the advantages of a great power, to pr to keep his sphere of influence in the post-Soviet space, to treat it as an equal or having the right and duty to take decisions on key issues on the international agenda. During his presidential term, Obama understood this, and the relations went to the conflictual plane. he understands what Russia's demands are, he follows Obama's way and renounces friendly rhetoric ... Trump will also understand that Putin, unlike him, is a person who prefers decisive actions, rather than ra conspiracy. "


Deutsche Welle:"The meetings of the world's boxing stars, like Vladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury, attract the attention of the multimillion audience, but the excitement around the ring in the ring fades in comparison with the excitement around the first meeting of two global political players - Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. time for Trump's handshake? Can Trump take Putin's cold look? Who of the two will fall first on his knees? All those who expected a sensation were disappointed - the meeting was like clockwork.The excitement around her, perhaps, it was excessive, but the rapprochement between Trump and Putin, no matter how superficial it may be with all doubts, may give impetus to building constructive relations. "

The newspaper Die Zeit:"The meeting could be a new beginning, as evidenced by the rapprochement with Russia on the Syrian issue, the US side said.When the talks were still going on, it became known that the United States and Russia are preparing a truce for southwestern Syria.Although everyone was looking forward with great impatience to this moment, He did not bring full clarity.The questions remain, and everyone will just as closely observe the next steps, as well as behind this flirtation on the margins of the summit. "

Newspaper Handelsblatt:"The first meeting between Trump and Putin gives rise to a hope for detente in the relations between the superpowers, but the conflict between the two countries is in no way regulated." While the Secretary of State (Tillerson) said that Trump clearly told Putin about the intervention of Russian hackers in the election race in USA, his colleague Sergei Lavrov presented this topic in a different light. "

Newspaper Saechsische Zeitung:"The truly tangible result of the summit was reached only in its fields ... The agreement on a partial armistice in Syria inspires, at least, a cautious hope that both superpowers will now together try to put an end to the tragedy."

United Kingdom

The Independent:"The leaders of the United States and Russia together declared their political victory after their first meeting, and the parties seem to have agreed on a potentially meaningful truce in the territory of part of Syria, a surprise that very few people predicted." Trump's administration stated that from the very beginning meeting, which lasted 2 hours 16 minutes, the US president exerted pressure on Vladimir Putin during the "very lively and prolonged" exchange of views on the alleged interference of the Russian Federation in the US elections. version of the long-awaited meeting between the leaders of the two countries with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, the parties seem to have managed to work out something of true value - a truce in the south-west of Syria, guaranteed by Russia, the United States and Jordan. "

Newspaper The Guardian:"The general attention to the meeting between Trump and Putin angered Germany, the country that hosted the G20 summit, and carefully designed its own program for the G20 during the year." During the first day, there were skirmishes between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Trump about climate change, then Time as the EU threatened immediate response sanctions against the United States, if they implement their plans to introduce new tariffs for steel imports. "


Newspaper Le Figaro: "After a harsh exchange of views over allegations of Russian interference in the presidential elections in the United States, two leaders found" positive alchemy "in numerous files, especially in Syria ... Neither Donald Trump nor Vladimir Putin wanted to conclude a statement of disagreements ".

The newspaper Le Mond:"It's hard to say, especially given Trump's unpredictability, whether this meeting was a turning point and what it will bring to US-Russian relations in the coming months." The days when candidate Trump praised Mr. Putin (the "strong man I admire") have passed. Over the past months, President Trump has toughened his tone towards Moscow, including to make him forget about the constant accusations of his team's links to the Kremlin, and about Russian interference in the election campaign of 2016. "


The newspaper La Stampa:"Putin and Trump eventually managed to avoid macho rivalry, discussing more how to restore relations, but there are many unknowns on the way to success in achieving this goal.To really understand and interpret this first meeting of the two leaders, first of all, the strategy and tasks of Putin, which proceeds from the unpredictability and political zigzags of Trump, trying to turn them in his favor. "Putin knows perfectly well what pressure Trump is exposed both at home and in the world and offers himself as a reliable but as a rule, everyone was himself: Putin, as always, is confident, Trump is, as always, ready to change the line, following his instinct. "

Newspaper Corriere della sera:"From the point of view of the characters and the sympathy of the two real men, the summit summit between Putin and Trump was a good start." Of course, this discussion, which lasted much longer than the time that was stipulated by the protocol, was not without acute problems, but for Putin, its result the Russian leader secured respect and due respect for Russia, which he brought to the rank of a global player.As for the White House, the main political and media burden of this visit of Trump to Europe was stopped Warsaw (before the summit of "twenty") and a meeting with Vladimir Putin "on the margins" of the summit. The rest of the president (Trump) was neskryvaemo boring. "


The newspaper El Pais:"In physics, magnetism is a natural phenomenon, because of which objects are attracted to each other.In politics, where it is increasingly difficult, this is exactly what happened between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.The US president is fascinated by the Russian leader.This attraction, as if electric charges, made him (Trump) hold a meeting that his advisers were not strongly advised to arrange. Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, or the same sanctions against Moscow are issues that deserve more than one meeting. contrast to Trump. For the Russian side, the agreement to establish a de-escalation of the zone in the southwest of Syria is a huge diplomatic success. "


Newspaper Dagens Nyheter: "For Putin, the meeting can be considered another successful episode from the point of view of the image." As for Trump, it is unclear what exactly he wants from friendly relations with the Russian leader ... Trump, consistently trying not to speak ill of personally about Putin, The time of the visit to Poland before the G20 summit criticized the role of Russia in the conflict in the east of Ukraine. "

Newspaper Aftonbladet: "It seems that Putin insisted on a closed meeting, which gave him a clear advantage." Along with his foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, he has many years of diplomatic experience, while Trump and his secretary of state Rex Tillerson are new to the case. "


Newspaper Aftenposten:"Well first of all, the leaders of the United States and Russia are engaged in a dialogue." If the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is to be trusted, then at the personal level, there was a positive "chemical reaction." This reduces the risk of misunderstanding and contributes to the consolidation of peace. "

Newspaper Dagbladet:"It was important for Trump to hold the meeting in a positive way and preferably with a specific agenda." It seems that he got what he wanted. "He also raised the question of Russia's interference in the US elections, and it's a big plus for him. Equal to America's partners at the G20 summit, during which his meeting with Trump would have kept the press's attention to himself, with which the President has a strained relationship. "


Yle TV Company: "The expectations from the results of the first meeting between Putin and Trump were not high." Neither side before the meeting informed about the issues that would be considered on it - it was characterized simply as an acquaintance of the heads of state. "Therefore, it was quite simple for Russia to avoid a public quarrel. showed that the countries have intentions to normalize relations ... Although the Kremlin was offended by how Trump met almost all world leaders before meeting with Putin, Moscow did not blame Trump for this delay. "The hysterical campaign against the Russians", so that even the very fact of a bilateral meeting of presidents the Kremlin regards as its victory, for Russia its meaning was primarily in strengthening its own position in the new multipolar world both in the eyes of its citizens and in the eyes The meeting that has taken place at last is confirmation that the Russian Federation solves world conflicts in cooperation with the United States and on an equal basis. "


Newspaper Rzeczpospolita:"The first meeting between the presidents of Russia and the US took place in an atmosphere of courtesy, but everything indicates that Donald Trump did not go into conversation with Vladimir Putin for any concessions that Poland and other countries in the region should be worried about. the world that during the electoral campaign and right after the inauguration of the president was voiced by Trump, plans that some associated with the creation of new zones of influence, with the new Yalta. A few months ago, we worried that in exchange for the contribution of Roe these in the fight in Syria with the group "Islamic State" (banned in Russia) Trump allow the Kremlin to control Ukraine, and on this subject will conclude a political deal. During the talks on Friday Ukraine was mentioned only in passing. "


NHK TV channel:"During the first personal meeting at the G20 summit, the Presidents of the United States and Russia agreed to establish a de-escalation zone in southern Syria and also decided to look for ways to improve bilateral relations, which, according to some estimates, are now at one of the lowest levels since the Cold War. However, as for the relations between Moscow and Washington, it is still unclear whether there will be any progress after this meeting, since the investigation of the Trump administration's relations with the Russian Federation continues in the United States. "

Kyodo Agency:"It seems that the restoration of the cooled relationship has been achieved, but the investigation of the US authorities casts a dense shadow on these relations, which creates obstacles to the normalization of ties." Putin had serious expectations related to Trump's coming to power, but the situation with the investigation into Election strengthened anti-Russian rhetoric. "

Newspaper Mainichi shimbun:"Unlike his predecessor (Barack Obama), who tried to solve problems in a group of states, Trump prefers to stake on personal contacts, so this time he was interested in individual meetings, and not the G20 summit itself." As for the results of the Trump meeting and Putin, then, in fact, the conflict in the south-western part of Syria is not so intense, and the cease-fire there is only the fact that such an agreement was reached at the business level. At the same time it is absolutely unclear how to come to peace in Syria and decide the main counter echie, consisting in the fact that Russia supports Assad, and the United States supports the opposition, which is against Assad. The situation in the relations between Russia and the United States now is that there is no other option as to seek ways of cooperation, based on those actions that can be performed steadily. "


Xinhua Agency: "The first personal meeting between the presidents of the United States and Russia is encouraging, as it sends a positive signal in the field of bilateral relations.As the permanent members of the UN Security Council, Washington and Moscow are heavyweights in the world arena, and healthy and stable relations between them are conducive to peace and stability throughout the world. The geopolitical confrontation that has overshadowed Russia's relations with America for decades can not be eliminated.The current ice relations are too bad to be defrosted in a day or two. the progress achieved recently demonstrates the will, wisdom and courage of both sides to improve relations.The meeting between Putin and Trump demonstrates that they are ready to use the moment and move forward. "

ГAzeta Global Times:"Trump withstood the strongest pressure over his possible meeting with Putin, which indicated the difference between his policies and the policies of Barack Obama.It is unusual that for a long time there was no official meeting between the leaders of the United States and Russia.As one of the most important in world politics, These relations are of particular importance for global peace and security.The two countries have common interests and should cooperate on a number of the most pressing problems, such as the fight against terrorism and the Syrian question. "

Республика Корея

Yonhap Agency:"Following the talks between the leaders of the United States and Russia, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the freeze of North Korea's nuclear program is unacceptable, since it has already made significant progress, so Washington believes that a complete cessation of the North Korean program is necessary. China's proposal for a simultaneous suspension of the missile and nuclear programs of the DPRK and joint exercises by the US and South Korean armed forces, an initiative put forward by Vladimir duck, and Xi Jinping at the summit in Moscow. On G20 leaders meet Putin and Trump had a constructive exchange of views on the issue of North Korea, but the talks have revealed a different approach of the parties to address it. "


The Australian:"The meeting in Hamburg showed that Trump's political principle" America first of all "undermines the power and influence of the United States in the world, and in the future, Trump will be replaced by Xi Jinping with the policy of" China before this "and Vladimir Putin with the policy" Russia " because both are professionals in this game, and Trump is just an amateur.The summit showed that America does not seem to have any clear strategy for key global problems. your side of others the country, but is not able to do so, but it is worrying about the confidence with which China and Russia are talking to him.The Russians have reasons to be happy.They came to the G20 summit with the strategy of establishing a working dialogue with Trump, and they got such a dialogue. called his first meeting with Putin "terrific." Putin very much wants the US president to treat him as an equal in power, and perhaps he did it.Trump considers himself a leader who can make effective deals, but his opponents are Putin and Xi Jinping - owned It is to this class players, with whom he had never met, although the country does not have the same power as the United States. "


Newspaper Universal:"As a person, as a politician and as an entrepreneur, Donald Trump is not disposed to give compliments to anyone." The only exception for the one and a half years since the presidential campaign in the US began was Russian President Vladimir Putin. many of which remain a mystery, he is genuinely fascinated by the Russian leader.This feeling can be caused by an authentic admiration of Putin's courage and strategic thinking, but also may be due to the fact that he pays for some important debts of honor ... After the first personal contact between Putin and Trump, it became obvious that a good relationship had been established between the two leaders and that Trump continued to demonstrate his admiration for Putin.When he appeared in public, the American behaved especially warmly and attentively towards his Russian counterpart, which contrasted markedly with coldness and arrogance , manifested in the course of communication with other heads of state, for example, with the Chancellor of the FRG, the leaders of the PRC or Mexico. Politically, it seems that Trump is really convinced that good relations between the US and Russia are a very important factor for maintaining peace and stability on the planet. "


Newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo:"It was not a knockout, which, however, is difficult to achieve during this kind of meetings, but Vladimir Putin won a convincing victory on points during his first meeting with Donald Trump. Of course, this is just something that can be distinguished from the first reports of the talks There were two leaders, foreign ministers and translators in the hall, so the whole truth will be known only after a while.As for the current surface layer of facts, the controversial stories (about the discussion) of the complex topic of Moscow's interference in the am Rikan elections do not speak in favor of Trump ... Sign language was also favorable for Putin.The Russian leader hardly looked into the face of the American during the first welcoming words, and no muscle on his face faltered when Trump called the "honor" the opportunity to attend Finally, the handshakes were strong, but short-lived, to avoid new embarrassments for the representative of the Republican Party. "

Al Arabiya TV channel:"Was it coincidence that the wife of US President Donald Trump - Melanya at a dinner that was held during the G20 meeting, was sitting at a table next to Russian President Vladimir Putin? No one can answer this question, but the popular photos show a friendly, not friendly, The official atmosphere, which usually reigns during such "diplomatic feast".

Saudi Arabia

Newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat:"The importance of the meeting between Trump and Putin lies in the very dialogue between the US and Russia after a long period of deterioration in relations, for Trump this meeting is an opportunity to realize his election promise to improve relations with Moscow, Putin won the most, for Russia this is an opportunity to get out of the" cold winter hibernation "After economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation."


Newspaper Al-Akhbar:"The meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin helped the head of the White House, Donald Trump, get out of the isolation that he found at the G-20 summit in Hamburg as a result of precautionary steps and statements made earlier.Through this meeting, Trump gained the status of a politician able to negotiate with Russia, which quite suits the European partners of the US The truce in the south of Syria is the most important outcome of the talks between the Russian and American leaders.If this deal survives the test, Moscow and Washington will convincingly demonstrate the effect The fact that the United States has gone to agreements involving the government in Damascus is Russia's diplomatic success, an exceptional moment that can change the entire course of the conflict in Syria, as it opens the way for contacts through Russian mediators between Damascus and Washington. "

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