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14.05.2017 - 10: 36

Russia and China need a one way

Vladimir Putin travels to Beijing. President's visit is related to an international forum, "One belt one way." The idea of ​​the new Silk Road, proposed by President Xi Jinping, is now the core of the whole of China's foreign policy. While the idea itself is without exaggeration the universal character, China is willing to match it with the Russian interests.

Beijing forum is very important for China - Xi Jinping put forward in the autumn 2013-year idea of ​​the new Silk Road is now finds political support of foreign countries. In China gather around 30 Heads of State - and Putin will be the chief guest (as it has been during the celebration 70-anniversary of the victory over Japan in September 2015-th). By clicking the link above attached and working visit of Russian President in Beijing - which in the current global situation becomes a value that goes beyond bilateral relations.

This will be the first in this year meeting of Putin and Xi Jinping - previous passed in November. For four years (the past since the arrival to power of C), the two leaders met 18 again, but this time, the semi-annual break comes at a time of deep transformation of the global situation.

When Putin and Xi last spoke at the end of November, in the Peruvian capital, they probably discussed the election in the United States, Donald Trump - but then he had not yet assumed office. Then Trump threatened to start a trade war with China and to improve relations with Russia - which, naturally, caused anxiety in Moscow and Beijing. The Chinese are worried as if Russian did not go to a rapprochement with the United States to the detriment of cooperation with China, and the Russian were nervous about the fact that the Chinese do not think that we are willing to exchange a "strategic partnership" to "the mercy of the West."

Of course, Putin and Xi, make a conscious choice in favor of dalneysheggo strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries, not to worry - but the elite of both countries, poorly know each other (not only personally - many countries to each other), we were in some confusion. But for six months the situation in Russian-US-China triangle has changed - and so that an outside observer would say the opposite.

Attack on Russian Trump on the line for a while deprived of his administration of nearly all opportunities for improving relations with Moscow - and the situation has moved forward only in the last month, when there was an exchange of visits by Sergei Lavrov and Rex Tillerson. And with China during this time, on the contrary, there was a complete change of rhetoric - Trump is no longer threatens to introduce protective duties on Chinese imports, not pedaliruet Taiwanese theme and generally calls Xi Jinping his friend. They really are already familiar - in a surprise visit, the Chinese leader in the Trump estate in Florida.

Trip Chinese president wore informal - and due to the fact that in Beijing were really disturbed by a sharp rise in interest rates, which is practiced Trump in the Chinese direction. The Chinese reacted to Trump's game a little more seriously than it deserves - Trump and so would stop pumping the theme "Now we'll have a trade war Chinese" - but in the end, after a meeting in Florida, anti-Chinese rhetoric has sharply slowed down.

Now Trump is waiting Xi pressure on North Korea - due to its nuclear program. And the Chinese show some measures of economic influence on North Korea, however, is not going too zealous in this. Indicative of this was the participation in the forum "One belt one way" the North Korean delegation - yes, it will be presented at the level of minister of foreign trade, but it suggests that there is no blockade of North Korea, China is not going to hold.

The Americans pretend that they believe in the intention of Beijing to press Pyongyang to the delight of Washington - and the US Embassy in China even sent to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs a diplomatic note, which expressed dissatisfaction with the invitation of the DPRK to participate in the forum to say: China is "his step gave the wrong signal in the conditions when the international community is putting pressure on North Korea because of nuclear tests and missile launches. "

It would be strange if China is not invited to the forum of his neighbor and ally - the DPRK, with all the problems in bilateral relations, seen by Beijing as a close and friendly nation, albeit too conducting an independent policy. China unpleasant that Pyongyang give Washington an excuse to put pressure on China - but in the end, to intervene in the case of North Korea, China is in any case not going to, yes, to be honest, and can not.

In relations with the United States there is another motive - a huge economic interdependence with the clear understanding of the existence of huge geopolitical contradictions. Turning Policy into the Pacific Ocean, declared at the time Obama had a distinctly anti-Chinese tinge - like the US transition to a new, active phase of containment of China in the region, which Beijing considers historical zone of its vital interests. Along all the borders of China, from Afghanistan in the west to South Korea in the east are American military bases - so that Beijing lacks evidence of American friendship. The US Navy is able at any time to block all the passages through which is China's trade with Europe, Middle East and Africa -Leave Celestial without the necessary energy to her and depriving her of the capacity of its goods exports.

That is why the idea of ​​a new Silk Road is so important to China - is a project of direct land access to the European and Asian markets. Furthermore the project is the stabilization of the situation in Central Asia and the broader Middle East. And, as a maximum, it is the project of creating a self-sufficient Eurasia. That is a new world in which the maritime powers - the Anglo-Saxons, and any others, for example, the Japanese - will not have the possibility of dominance. Moreover, Eurasia will once again be what it has been throughout the history of the world except for the last couple of centuries - the world's main continent. When the incident as her western tip of Europe, and increases the value of the eastern part of China.

It is clear that such a project can be realized only through the joint efforts of Russia and China. And this understanding is at Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping - which is why the Sino-Russian rapprochement has received a boost after the start of their collaboration. Their choice is strategic in nature, it concerns the decades ahead - you can say that we are talking about the course of the entire century 21. Do not accident that Russia takes place in the Pacific Ocean.

So that no fluctuations in the international situation is not able to bring down the Russian and the Chinese leadership with the course. This is stated in a broadcast and a couple of weeks ago Vladimiru Putinu letter to Xi Jinping. His words were voiced at a meeting with Russian President Li Zhanshu, head of the Office of the CPC Central Committee (similar to our President's administration):

"Today our relationship is rightly called a model of relations between the great powers, which are characterized by cooperation and win-win, a very strong, mature, are of strategic interaction and strength.

Xi also said that, despite the major changes in the international situation, we are going with you unswervingly adhere to the three constants, namely, under any circumstances, our course is aimed at deepening and development of Sino-Russian strategic cooperation and collaboration will not change; our course aimed at our common development and prosperity, will not change; our joint efforts aimed at upholding peace, justice, and cooperation in the world will not change. "

The current meeting of Putin and Xi will be in Beijing 19-th in a row - and after it in less than two months will be held two more meetings between the two leaders. Already 8 June, they will talk in Astana summit of the SCO, and 4 July starts official visit of Xi Jinping in Russia. The two presidents will discuss and Donald Trump - including the impression that the American president has made on Xi Jinping during their meeting in Florida. This will be especially important that a few days later, on July 8 in Hamburg, at the summit of "Big Twenty" will meet all three protagonists figure big geopolitical game: Putin and Xi Trump.

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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