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Russian comets help Greek tourism

Russia is ready to send a new "super-weapon" to Greece in the form of investments into the Greek tourist economy .. This is the delivery of the first four high-speed liners "Comet-120M" on hydrofoils.

From the technical characteristics of the vessel it follows that it was produced at the shipyard of JSC "GCC" Vympel ", which produces new generation missile and patrol boats, high-speed search and rescue, fire, hydrographic, fishing, towing and other specialized vessels.

New-generation marine hydrofoil passenger vessel "Comet 120M"Is intended for high-speed transportation of passengers during the daytime in salons equipped with aviation type seats.

The ultra-modern high-speed liner "Comet 120M" is ideal for functioning in the waters of the Aegean Sea. Each vessel costs about 6.000.000 euro.

Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, at a meeting of the co-chairs of the Russian-Greek mixed commission for economic, industrial and scientific-technical cooperation, said that: "Moscow is ready to resume the production of hydrofoils and exports abroad."

Commenting on the information that Greece is discussing the purchase of Comet at the Alekseevsky plant, the minister replied: "We will be happy, and although shipbuilding is the competence of the Ministry of Industry, I, as minister of transport and as co-chair of the mixed commission, are ready to support any proposals from Greece."

Recall, 30 years ago, Russia was engaged in deliveries to Greece "Comet".

As reported by RIA Novosti, Vimpel Shipyard JSC is cooperating with the Greek company Argonavtiki Ploes on the construction and transfer of marine hydrofoil vessels Comet 120M.Currently negotiations are under way with a potential Greek customer on the issue of signing an agreement On mutual understanding, which reflects the main terms of the future contract for the construction of four vessels "Comet 120M".

A source: Grekodom

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