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Russian doctors will restore sight to a small Cypriot

Russian doctors promise to restore sight to a six-year-old boy from Pafos. This requires several operations. The first one was successful.

Iordanis Demetrof (Dani) was born with 100% blindness. He did not talk for a long time, did not start walking and did not communicate with peers. Previously, he was treated in several clinics around the world, including in the UK and Thailand. Now he speaks two languages ​​fluently, and one of his pupils reacts to the light.

In July, he returned from Russia, where he was given the first surgery at the clinic of ophthalmologist Ernst Muldashev, inventor of a surgical biomaterial called Alloplant. According to doctors, if Dani will do several more operations (about four) within a few years, his vision will return. Operation Dani, accommodation and tickets from Cyprus to Russia cost about 5000 euro. Now the family is raising funds to continue treatment.Details on the site: https://gogetfunding.com/iordanis-needs-help/

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

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