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Russian tank T-90 continues to conquer the world

About new contracts of "Uralvagonzavod" and work in 2017 year.

"Uralvagonzavod" - the main manufacturer of Russian armored vehicles, unveiled the annual report for 2016 year. After a while, the link became inactive, but the document has already spread on the Internet. According to him, the company for the first time in recent years turned out to be profitable, bringing net profit of almost 2 billion rubles. But the most interesting part of the document concerns military-technical cooperation. According to the data available in the report, Uralvagonzavod continued to successfully advance the T-90 tank on the world market, signed new contracts and reached new pre-contractual arrangements. Let's see what arsenals of which countries will join the most successful commercial tank of the XXI century.

Iraq and Vietnam signed contracts for the supply of T-90S tanks

The report indicates that in 2017 the priority will be the execution of the signed contracts with Iraq and Vietnam for the delivery of T-90S tanks, the countries in the document are indicated by numerical codes according to the All-Russian Classifier of the World (OCM) - "368" and "704" respectively. Iraq will receive 73 tanks, and, apparently, it will not be the last delivery - it is noted that a contract was signed for the delivery of the first batch. Vietnam also bought 64 similar machines. Interestingly, Iraq, whose army, together with the US, is fighting with the IG (the "Islamic state" is a terrorist organization banned in Russia), continues to purchase weapons in Russia. It is possible that this is facilitated by the Iranian influence on the Shiite leadership of Iraq, besides, Baghdad now has scanty financial resources, and Western arms are much more expensive than Russia's. The same T-90С costs about $ 2,5 million, and similar machines from competitors start from $ 6 million per unit.


Kuwait will purchase T-90MS tanks, and Egypt will produce them?

Very interesting information in the report contains two more Middle Eastern states - Kuwait and Egypt. With Kuwait in 2017, it is planned to complete pre-contract work and, apparently, to sign a contract for the supply of 146 T-90MS tanks of the latest modification. I must say that Kuwait used tanks built on the basis of T-72, it is about M-84 machines - the Yugoslav modernized version of T-72M, which was issued under license. These tanks are already obsolete, and Kuwait decided to upgrade its tank fleet, despite the presence in its army of another 218 modern American M1A2 Abrams.

As for Egypt - then back in June 2017, rumors circulated in the media that Cairo wants to buy up to 400-500 Russian T-90 tanks. Apparently, this information was confirmed - in the report of "Uralvagonzavod" one of the priority tasks for 2017 year is the work on the project to create an enterprise for the licensed assembly of T-90S / SC tanks. Obviously, the assembly shop is not built to supply 50 or 100 sets, so the numbers in 400-500 units sound quite plausible, and this is another very loud victory for the Russian military-industrial complex. This is especially important, given the fact that the basis of the Egyptian tank fleet is now the American tanks M1A1 Abrams (not a modern modification) - of the car kits were assembled in Egypt's 1360 machines of this type. The new leadership of Egypt conducts quite a variety of purchases of military equipment - both in the West and in Russia. Naturally, this possibility must be used.


India remains a priority

India as the largest customer of T-90 tanks remains in the attention of Uralvagonzavod. For 2017 year, the corporation plans to continue to promote the newest T-90MS tanks to the Indian market. Negotiations over India's purchase of 464 of such vehicles were actively conducted during the past year, and if the deal takes place, then the tank fleet of India in the future will consist of 2121 T-90 tank.

Equally important is the modernization of the already existing Indian tank fleet - in 2017, the implementation of the contract for the modernization of 1000 T-72 tanks, including the installation of new diesel engines V-92С2, will begin.

CSTO "in business"

According to the latest report of "Uralvagonzavod", further work is planned to modernize military products supplied to Armenia and Belarus. Taking into account the specificity of the products of Uralvagonzavod, we are probably talking about the modernization of tanks. In the case of Armenia, everything is quite clear: back in October 2016, at a fairly high level, information was received that some of the Armenian T-72 tanks will undergo a profound upgrade, probably to the highest available level of T-72B3M (such vehicles are used on the Tank Biathlon ). Apparently, the information of the report is another confirmation of the fact that the work is really under way.

Approximately the same goes for Belarus, which signed another contract for the modernization of T-72B tanks to the level of T-72B3 in June of 2017. At the same time, this was not the first deal - the Belarusian army has already received a number of major repairs and deep modernization of tanks.

A source: A REGNUM

Author: Leonid Nersisyan

Tags: Russia, Tanks, Armament, Iraq, Kuwait, Vietnam, Egypt, India

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