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Russia can not afford to ocean-going fleet

Ships of the class "frigate" - rather than destroyers, cruisers and no aircraft carriers - will form the basis of the Russian Navy, said the defense minister. On the one hand, on board the frigate very effective weapon - missiles "Caliber". On the other - words Shoigu mean acknowledgment of the limited possibilities of the Russian Navy.

According to Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu head in the near future the main combat ships of the Navy frigates will be like "of Admiral Gorshkov".

"In the short term these multi-purpose frigates, equipped with high-precision long-range weapons, should be the main warships of the Navy", - quotes the MinisterTASS. He added: their acceptance into service will allow for the systematic updating of surface naval forces and to 30% increase their combat potential. Shoigu meant frigates 22350 project, to which belongs "Gorshkov".

In place of the great

The former commander of the Russian Navy, Advisor to the Chief of General Staff, Admiral Igor Kasatonov said that now the emphasis is on the frigates, since - according to the concept and Russia and our partners - sea battles and engagements are planned.

"The main task is to strikes against coastal targets with cruise missiles. Our ships, submarines, aircraft attacked the facilities LIH * in Syria with missiles "Caliber", and from a great distance. So the concept is correct is confirmed, "- said the newspaper VIEW Kasatonov.

The head of the portal «Flot.com» Sergey Sochevanov recalls that not only in Russia, but throughout the world now tend to reduce the size of warships. "But foreign navies simply trying to reduce displacement, and Russia are trying to lower displacement" push "the same weapons that stood in the large-capacity ships", - the expert emphasizes.

"Frigates with us - it ships far sea zone, that is, they can go on long hikes, to show the flag. In principle, all class frigates 22350 all the characteristics can be used in long-range maritime zone, - the expert explained. "All the smaller ships are sent to long sea voyages. For example, six months ago at the base of the Pacific Fleet returned a small rocket and small antisubmarine ships that 8 months in the campaign, "- he said.

A provision for the modernization

In March, Deputy Shoigu Yuriy Borisov has complained that because of concern "Almaz-Antey" the army runs the risk not get time nor the "Admiral Gorshkov", no frigate another series of "Admiral Makarov" (refers to another set than the "Gorshkov" - project 11356). Shoigu then required to comply with terms of performance of the state defense order.

Despite some sluggishness of the Russian defense industry, Sochevanov hopes that by the time this series of future delivery of the frigates they do not become obsolete in comparison with foreign ones.

"That's our old Soviet ships -" Eagle "is now upgrading. Of "Nakhimov" clean practically everything that was inside left, leave the body only. When expiring housing in new projects is the possibility of internal modernization - in the long term to replace the weapons, electronic warfare, communications, - said Sochevanov.

Kasatonov Admiral also expressed confidence that they are nothing will not yield to American counterparts, and even the Chinese, who do not even tested in the real world - and even more so.

frigates cheaper

First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov reminded that the Navy of the USSR there were three main objectives: to ensure combat stability of the submarines, the destruction of the US aircraft carrier and multi-purpose teams in the frontcourt in the Atlantic and the Pacific, and, thirdly, destruction of American submarines.

"The third task was unworkable, and the first two are quite real. Had to destroy the carrier forces were heavy ships: nuclear submarine missile carriers with anti-ship missiles and cruisers. Now the tasks are the same, but everyone understands that it will be problematic to approach the surface ships of a salvo of a long-range missile at a distance. If these missiles do not have a range of 1500 km, then the US aircraft carrier will simply not allow them to enter. At a range of 500 km, he quite calmly reveals the fact that the missile cruiser is approaching and will come out from under attack, continuing, in turn, to attack the enemy with deck-based aviation, which has a range of 800-900 km, "explained Sivkov.

He added that the frigate will now perform tasks mainly in the coastal area, which is ideal "Onyx" and "Caliber".

Thus, the statement Shoigu means that Russia refuses to confront the global ocean with such a powerful fleet, as an American, and focuses on the defense of its borders adjacent to bodies of water. In addition, the frigates are important as carriers of cruise missiles, with the possibility of attacks on ground targets - this can be useful in the case of a local conflict. The possibility of the Russian Navy is much more modest than the ocean-going fleet, which was built during the Soviet era, and the Minister of Defense, in fact, confirmed this once again.

To perform the tasks in the far sea zone, according Sivkova can be used submarines and aircraft. In addition, if Russia would still be back in the future to develop a carrier fleet, the frigate will be able to cope with the challenge to protect them instead of destroyers, Sivkov hopes. Modern frigates have a displacement of almost like destroyers 30-year-old.

Rate on frigates Sivkov explained by the price. "This is a concept forced. Fully replace the destroyers frigates will not. Apparently, oriented to the solution of problems in the near sea area and this is due to one thing: we have there is a reduction in defense spending, "- he explained.

The first in a series

Recall frigates are designed to find and destroy enemy submarines, anti-submarine escort for, and missile defense aircraft carriers. Said the Minister, "Gorshkov" completes the state tests are now in the waters of the Northern Fleet. The frigate was founded in St. Petersburg in the "Severnaya Verf" in 2006 year, and launched at the end of 2010. In the autumn of the year 2014 frigate reached the Gulf of Finland to the factory test. After they planned to transfer the ship fleet, but the dates are shifted strongly - continued revision of all vehicle systems.

According to the state program of armaments to 2020 years 10 should be built frigates of this project. Now "Severnaya Verf" built three more: "Admiral Kasatonov fleet" (already launched), "Fleet Admiral Golovko" and "Soviet Union Fleet Admiral Isakov".

Earlier this week the "First Channel" reported that very soon, said Borisov frigate "Makarov" is to be transmitted Navy. It was published video shooting, that the frigate had during the tests in the Baltic Sea, checking how the complex defense. During the shooting of a crew of the ship successfully hit the target anti-aircraft missile "Calm" complex. Aerial target was put on board the boat "Kuznetsk". Just maneuvers involving more than a dozen ships and naval aviation.

The first two ships of the same series - "Admiral Grigorovich," and "Admiral Essen" - is transferred to the fleet last year.

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Author: Andrew Rezchikov

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