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10.04.2017 - 14: 55

"Russia for the United States - just one of the links in the chain of chaos"

"The Americans see China, its main competitor. Although their aggression is directed today against Russia, but objectively they struggle with China, with its global expansion, "- he said in an interview with LOOK Academician, President of Russia Advisor Sergey Glazyev. However, according to the interlocutor, the decision Trump strike on Syria was "addressed to" just Russia.

In a situation where the US and its allies begin to behave more aggressive on the world stage, China prefers to demonstrate peaceful caution. On Monday, when the head of the British Foreign Office Boris Dzhonson, said the possibility of a new attack on Syria, saying Beijing's readiness to "work with all countries" for a speedy resolution of the Syrian crisis. We should not forget that a missile attack on Syria took place at the time of the meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. This, according to experts, Trump tried to show the ambitious Chinese, "who is the boss."

While the United Statesdemonstrate the power in East AsiaBy expanding shock Navy band in the direction of the Korean Peninsula, China has promised to take several steps in order toavoid trade warwith the United States.

Is China ready to compromise with the US behind Russia? Will China be able to resist American hegemony?

Your views on this and other issues with the newspaper VIEW shared Academician Sergei Glazyev. The conversation took place in the sidelines of the XXV Assembly on Foreign and Defense Policy Council (SWAP).

VIEW: Sergey, all wondering today what guided Donald Trump taking on strike on Syria solution? Emotions?

Sergey Glazyev:I do not think. It's a cold pragmatic calculations, aimed at drawing in Russia in the next round of escalation. On the surface, the real goal is simply camouflaged.

In this sense, Trump's office will continue the previous president line. It is a consistent US strategy. It covers all the greater part of the world, threatening to our own, and global security. Expect any serious changes do not have an anti-Russian US strategy. Russia for them - just one of the links in the chain of chaos that they create around the world, to strengthen the control over the periphery, trying to keep global hegemony in the competition from China.

There are objective interests that the Anglo-Saxons are always put at the forefront in its relation to the world.

VIEW: According to your assumptions, Trump during his election campaign, he knew that he would not fulfill their campaign promises not to interfere in other countries' affairs?

C. G .:He is a pragmatic man who cynically enough behaved in the business defaulted several times. He is not afraid of the United States defaulting on debts, which, I believe, will inevitably happen. To think that it takes the strategic importance of the decisions under the influence of some kind of emotion, it is not necessary.

The more that the time of this provocation was selected clearly. It coincided with the visit of Xi Jinping and had one of the objectives indirectly involve the Chinese leader in the anti-Russian action.

Fortunately, I think this can not happen, due to the fact that our relationship with China is also built on a pragmatic basis, on an objective coincidence of our interests. Neither we nor China does not need war. In our common interest to build an anti-war coalition, which could curb US aggression. To this end, such a coalition should have comparable opportunities with the United States.

Since the military, political and monetary plane our options are very limited, and the US - are endless, as they emit global currency, the only way to neutralize the possibility of further expansion of aggression - is to abandon the dollar as a world currency. If we can do it within the framework of the great Eurasian partnership, the American military-political machine very quickly collapse - due to simple lack of money.

LOOK: Does shifted the balance of power is now in the triangle Moscow - Beijing - Washington?

C. G .:It can not be displaced as a result of anti-Russian actions of the US, it can only be displaced as a result of US diplomacy with the Chinese leadership. Beijing has a certain dependence on Washington, associated with the interests of the American market, the risk of losing access to American technology. We know that China has a very powerful American lobby - people interested in "Chimerica» (Chimerica), a strategic alliance of the USA and China, with the idea that the previous administration acted several times.

LOOK: Is now grown possibility that Trump and C will be able to make a compromise behind Russia?

C. G .:We do not know the results of the visit, but the potential of Sino-US cooperation is very great. Beijing these values. Washington creates a certain zone of attraction, which is located and China.

But I would just remind the Chinese comrades the statement of one of our famous geopolitics 19-century: worse than war with the Anglo-Saxons can only be friends with them. They are building their relations exclusively on the position of dominance. As we have seen throughout the long history, they seek to subjugate a partner and make him dance to their tune.

The Chinese leadership has never will not do. So, I think, because of divergent interests, traditions and geopolitical strategy still "Chimerica" ​​will not take place. Trump is just the personification of some impossibility of this project. For a couple of months of his tenure, he badly worsened relations with China, and now we can talk only about some normalization on some reduced level.

VIEW: But both sides have something that they can offer each other. Washington wants to increase the appreciation of the yuan, Beijing wants access to American technology, including the military ...

C. G .:We'll see. Room for maneuver is high, because the cooperation is very large and diverse between the two countries. At the same time, Americans see China, its main competitor. Although their aggression is directed today against Russia, but objectively they struggle with China, with its global expansion. In economics Beijing them today already exceeded, and its foreign economic strategy deprives the control of Americans for a significant proportion of the world market, including not only South-East Asia, but also Latin America, where China is actively building the infrastructure to Africa, in which he deeply comes.

China has shown the world a very attractive model for a new world economic order, in which the relationship between the dominant country and the partner is not based on the principle of diktat and coercion, but on the principle of mutual interests, respect for the sovereignty and strict compliance with international law. Therefore, more and more countries are drawn in the wake of China.

VIEW: Without imposing liberal principles?

C. G .: Yes, without attempting any revolution, without the political destabilization of espionage, which is also very important. Americans have been known to refuse to sign any convention on cyber security because they think that they have in this area a decisive advantage, a monopoly.

Here is an example of China's cooperation is very inspiring for other countries. For example, today in the world economic growth had escaped the leaders of Ethiopia and Laos, which had never particularly shone. And all thanks to the fact that they realize the Chinese model is very successful climb with the help of Chinese investors.

Objectively America to China losing the competition. I would say that the economic struggle for leadership has already taken place. China has already won in the sense of creating a new global center of economic development. Along with India, Indochina and possibly with Japan, which also will join this core, the new center has already been formed.

The Americans lost the war economy, but do not want to accept the fact that the world has changed, and their liberal globalization model has exhausted itself. The world is interested in the cooperation model with the absolute dominance of international law and mutual obligations.

The American ruling elite, unfortunately, does not understand it and trying to impose on the world their own interests, rather than incorporated into the new model.

A source: LOOK

Author: Yuri Zaynashev

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