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Russia could lay their hands on half of American fuel company Citgo Petroleum

Russia has an opportunity through Rosneft to seize half of the US fuel company Citgo Petroleum, which is in the top-10 US.

Russia has the opportunity to become the owner of a US corporation Citgo Petroleum, which is one of the 10-five best performing US companies involved in the oil industry - said CBS News.

It all started with a loan of $ 1,5 billion, which recently gave Rosneft company PDVSA (Venezuela). As a money-back ensure PDVSA has transferred ownership of Rosneft almost half of its remaining US Citgo Petroleum.

Rosneft has already announced his claims to share in the Citgo. The transfer of ownership will take place in the event that the Venezuelan company would be unable to repay. Such a prospect is quite real, because the view credit agencies against PDVSA almost unanimously - the company is at the stage of bankruptcy.

From open source implies that the company is mired in debt, the total amount of which exceeds the possibility of repayment of debt, which are limited to $ 10 billion.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the owner of PDVSA is the Venezuelan government, which is itself in a difficult position because of the raging economic crisis in the country, therefore, useless to wait for help from him.

US concerned about the layouts, as owned Citgo Petroleum in the territory of the United States is 3 plant for the processing of petroleum, and the same pipelines. To let the Russians themselves to the Americans obviously not with his hands.

Analysts said the first public Russian company may become the owner of the US, but still operating within the United States itself. That is why the Americans are now calculate options to avoid this outcome. Option two:

1. Do not remove the ban on the purchase of the property of Russian companies in the US, introduced Obama, the cancellation or reduction of volume which previously said Trump.

2. Enter the ban due to serious damage that will be caused to the country's security of such transaction. It has the right to make certain the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS).

Experts believe it unlikely the admission of the Russian company on the American market of oil products, so the scandal between the US and Russia is brewing a major.

At the same time, Russia will be ready to give up their claims against Citgo Petroleum in the event that the United States will go to make serious concessions in a political or military sphere.

A source: POLITUS

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