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Russia learned to act in advance in Syria

Russia took into account the errors in Syria and now the General Staff manages to better predict the situation. VCs destroyed a group of more 120 Islamic militants who could try to repulse the ancient Palmyra. The corridor from Rakka for two companies of "IG *" fighters on four dozen armed pick-up trucks intended to open Kurds from the Syrian democratic forces.

Russian aviation destroyed pickup trucks and more 120 fighters of the "Islamic State *" (IG *), heading from the Syrian city of Rakka towards the ancient Palmyra. As a source in the Ministry of Defense told RIA Novosti on Saturday, a column of terrorists in the 39 armed pick-up trucks was discovered on Thursday. Cars were armed with large-caliber machine guns.

Intense air strikes

According to the source, the IG agreed with the Kurdish detachments from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) about the release of militants from Rakki towards Palmyra. The Kurds intended to open a safe "southern corridor" for the terrorists and allow them to leave the city without hindrance. However, the VCS prevented their maneuver.

Now Russian drones are monitoring the routes around which terrorists can withdraw from Rakki 24 hours a day. Not only airplanes and helicopters of VKS, but also units of the Special Operations Forces are connected to the destruction of militants.

Thanks to these efforts, the Syrian army for the first time since 2014 took this week under full control of the highway from Damascus to Palmyra. With the support of Russian VCS, she knocked out of the strategic route terrorists IG from the territory of more than 1 thousand square meters. Km. The Islamists retreated under intense air strikes by Russian aviation.

Now the Syrian army is preparing a major operation in the east of Hama, where it intends to knock out terrorists from the main route of supplying terrorists between Homs and Rakka. In mid-May, after bitter fighting, Syrian army servicemen released from the terrorists the former air base of the national air force El Jarah, east of Aleppo, near the reservoir of Assad on the Euphrates River, as well as several neighboring villages.

SDS, the backbone of which is Kurds, is helped by the United States. This week, it was reported that the transfer of another batch of weapons by the Americans (machine-gun grenade launchers, rifles and Hummer ATVs), including anti-tank and ammunition. The cargo was delivered to the Syrian city of El-Hasaka. The supply of weapons to the Kurdish units of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" was authorized by the President of the United States Donald Trump. He did not take into account the opinion of Turkey, which condemned this decision.

During a recent visit to China, President Vladimir Putin said that unlike the United States, Russia does not supply weapons to Kurdish forces in Syria and does not consider it necessary to step up work on the solution of the Kurdish issue. "Unlike other countries, we do not announce the supply of weapons to Kurdish forces, and they do not need our deliveries especially. They have sources of receipt, other sources of receiving these weapons. We do not believe that we need to somehow intensify this work, "Putin said.

According to him, Russia considers itself entitled to maintain working contacts with Kurdish formations in Syria, at least in order to avoid a situation that could create threats for Russian servicemen.

Expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology, RAS. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev believes that the incident with the destruction of more than a hundred militants demonstrates the situation when local interests prevail over national ones.

"The Kurds have their own interest - control of the territory. In the end, they are least worried about where the militants will go. The main thing is that they will control the territory they themselves claim, "Perengiev told VZGLYAD.

The expert believes that Kurds are difficult to blame for creating corridors for the release of Islamic militants. "They can appeal to the fact that corridors have been set up for militants in Aleppo and they have stepped aside to Rakki. So this is such a ping-pong: then we drive the militants towards the Kurds, then they tried to return this debt to us. Kurds proceed from the fact that they fulfill only those rules of the game that have already been tested. It is difficult for us to present here any claims to the Kurds, we just need to destroy the militants, there was no other option, "the expert explained.

Errors of the past are taken into account

According to the expert, the destroyed group of militants was quite impressive. If desired, she could take possession of the whole city. "These are one and a half or two companies. It can enter any significant populated point. There was a serious danger here, "he said.

The very operation to eliminate hundreds of militants Perendzhiev called the success of Russian VCS, which could work on the lead and stop the advancement of the column. Otherwise, the tense situation around Palmyra could again arise.

"Errors of the past were really taken into account. A careful work was done to prevent Palmira from giving again. In view of the fact that we are endowed with bitter experience, thorough reconnaissance and monitoring of the situation was conducted. Plans were already drawn up for the development of a scenario. I suppose that such a scenario was considered by the Russian command, and a plan of action was determined in case of development of approximately such events. This indicates that the General Staff of Russia has started to forecast the situation well and to work ahead of schedule. This is evidence of the growth of not only military skills, but also military-administrative, "- summed up Alexander Perendzhiev.

A source: LOOK

Author: Andrew Rezchikov

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