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"Russia did not give me money - I took a loan"

Big Interview: Marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) may soon reduce the EU: "The next day, after I'd elected president, I would have said to the French people to hold a referendum." Journalist SvD Teresa Küchler (Teresa Küchler) met in Paris with the leader of the "National Front" and talked about the notorious Protection, the EU and about whether it is possible to be both a Muslim and a Frenchman.

Paris - Marine Le Pen never at risk. Before the election headquarters of the "National Front" on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where close to the Arc de Triomphe, the rows are its guards with all intercom stations in the ears, in body armor and with a grim expression on his face.

Security staff of the "National Front" scandalously known when the party ruled the father of Marin Jean-Marie Le Pen, for many years he was surrounded by skinheads guards. Today they have more hair on his head. But because of this, they are no less daunting: there is a video where you can see how the guards Marine Le Pen brutally cracked down on the people who came too close to their leader.

Marine Le Pen comes in an armored car with black windows and quickly enters the building. Perhaps caution the party leader is not only connected with the fact that soon the elections and the atmosphere tense more than usual, and in the direction of policy is aimed more threats, or to the fact that in Paris a short time happened two bloody terrorist attacks with Islamist overtones. Maybe she just has long been accustomed to fear.

Marine Le Pen, was only eight years old when on the stairs of the house where she lived with her parents and sisters, a bomb exploded. None of the family members was injured, but the attack aimed at Jean-Marie Le Pen has left a deep mark on the soul of a small Marin.

When SvD journalist with a small group of journalists finally allowed to meet with presidential candidate, it turns out that it is now, in any case, in a good mood.

"Today is International Women's Day, therefore, would be to start with your question", - says Marine Le Pen and winks at me, and laughing as if reminding about female solidarity.

But as soon as the recorder is turned on, it immediately turns into that superprofessionalnyh policy, which she is, and her answers to questions like rocketed. Marine Le Pen eloquent lawyer by training it and can talk with the peasants in the language of the peasants, and with the scientists - in Latin.

Teresa Küchler: Everywhere in Europe is growing concern that if you come to power, the start of EU disintegration and destruction process. It's true? Do you want that?

Marine Le Pen: I think that the biggest concerns throughout Europe is now more concerned that the policy pursued by the EU, and the fear - people who are forced to obey - Le Pen responds immediately.

Marine Le Pen has consistently talks about the EU as a different "peoples» - peuples - and never speaks of "Europeans". The choice of words is important, since much of its campaign talks about what makes the French people unique.

EU she describes as overwhelming Union, in which different peoples with different identities are not allowed to show their differences.

"People believe that the Union interferes in the internal affairs of other countries and that it has proved quite incapable of protecting the external borders, which took guard at a time when requested by all the EU member states to destroy their", - the leader of the fires.

"Part of the terrorists who came here, bringing death and destruction to our country, the borders crossed without difficulty, which does not exist anymore."

Marine Le Pen wants to abolish the euro, but all economists agree on the fact that France, the euro was the only benefit. But Le Pen does not agree. She wants to be able to devalue the currency as one of the measures in terms of what she calls "patriotic economy."

- As for the EU as a whole?

- The day after I was elected president, I would have announced to the French people that not later than six months, we will hold a referendum. The referendum would put the question "Do you want to leave the EU?" Then I will start negotiations with the EU and the need to return back to us four "sovereignty" - the ability to decide in areas that concern the French and who need to once again put into the hands of the French people.

Four sovereignty mentioned in the election manifesto Le Pen - in addition to the money, it's legal, territorial and economic independence.

- Take the economic independence - whether I have now the right to patriotic economy, for example, require that public procurement orders were French companies - Le Pen asks a rhetorical question, and shakes his head.

- If the EU will respond if they agree to it, and say, "Okay, we will refund you your sovereignty," then I'll go back to the French people and say that now we can stay. But if the EU says that not talking about it, then I will ask the French to vote for the exit from the EU - says Le Pen.

- I want to see France, a free, independent and returning their identity.

- You once again mention the identity - and what exactly do you mean?

- Today, we gradually lose the content of our national identity, it is attacking fundamentalist Islam, a foothold in the country, which conducts recruitment in our country and developed in our country, and provoke a regression in the first place in the field of women's rights.

- But our national identity also applies to our own economic policy, the ability to protect the economic model, which relies France: a strong state, nation, family agriculture, social protection system. All this is for us, the French, it is very important if we want to save the «l'égalité» - equality - not only between the individual by the French, but also between different parts of the country. All of this is our identity - says Le Pen.

So, according to Le Pen, a special French identity is an interesting and sometimes awkward combination of nationalism and classical left-wing politics, ingeniously. After all, France is now, in fact, the "right" country.

After the victory of Francois Hollande (François Hollandes) in the presidential election in 2012, the classic right, that is, those who advocate the elimination of over-ambitious system of social protection, have won at every elections: regional, municipal, elections to the Senate and the National Assembly.

- Can you be French and Muslim or French and European at the same time?

- It's not that a person can have many identities, but in which one person puts in priority. First of all you are French, and then you are a religion, region of birth - perhaps you were born in another country, and you are a European, too - from a historical and geographical point of view, we are all Europeans. I Europeans, but first and foremost I am a Frenchwoman.

- When you first feel a Muslim and only then - a Frenchman, then you do not understand what the French identity.

Other concerns related to Le Pen, is that it will be set too friendly towards Russia. This is, in general, for anyone not a secret.

- What do you expect relations with Russia?

- In France there is no reason not to develop strategic and economic ties with Russia. Russia did not attack France, did not act hostile to France. France should not participate in one of the Cold War, that the EU is already a few years against Russia.

- But the aggressive policy of Russia, for example, in Ukraine, many European countries are concerned, especially those in the east. What do you say about her?

- The EU contributed to the situation in Ukraine that acted dishonestly and put pressure on Ukraine, promising her a possible rapprochement in exchange for what she sever all ties with Russia. We know very well that one part of Ukraine looks to the east, and the other half of the population - to the west. France happy to take part in the search for solutions to the conflict in a peaceful way.

- How do you finance your party? You get the Russian money?

- I'm glad you asked. I receive state financial support, as well as others. And I have not received money from Russia and took a loan, which is expected to return. Since you're here, if you there are some bank, which wants to give a loan for the maintenance of a political party, then please note that I'm looking for the borrower.

A source: ИноСМИ

Author: Teresa Küchler (Teresa Küchler, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden)

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