Today: December 11 2018
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Russia is concerned about the actions of Turkish warships near the Cyprus gas field

Russia is concerned about the actions of Turkish warships near the Cyprus gas field

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Moscow is concerned about the situation in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, where Turkish ships have blocked the drilling rig, and calls for refraining from steps that could lead to increased tensions around Cyprus, said spokeswoman for Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"We are following with concern the development of the situation in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus", her words are quoted on the Foreign Ministry website.

It is noted that in this situation all interested parties should refrain from steps that will lead to escalation of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and complicate existing contradictions.

Zakharova expressed her hope that all countries will act in accordance with the norms of international law and will find peaceful means to resolve their contradictions.

"Such incidents once again prove the need to find the solutions to the Cyprus problem as soon as possible on the basis of known UN parameters," Zakharova emphasized.

She noted that Moscow's stance remains unchanged - Russia stands for "a comprehensive fair and viable settlement on the island".

"We will support that decision, which will be found by the Cypriots themselves," Zakharova commented.

Ships of the Turkish Navy from Friday block the floating rig Saipem 12000, which conducts drilling in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus for the Italian oil company ENI. She was not allowed to proceed to the block number 3 zone and start working there, reports TASS.

Previously, Eni, together with the French Total, drilled at section number 6 in the EEZ of Cyprus. The availability of gas reserves at the Calypso 1 field was confirmed.

Eni was to study gas fields in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

The drilling rig was stopped on the pretext of "military maneuvers" along the route. The true reason is Ankara's dissatisfaction with the extraction of gas by the Cypriot authorities - this was indicated by the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which criticized "unilateral actions to extract hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean". Ankara believes that "the Turkish Cypriots" have the right to natural resources in this region.

In the conflict, Cyprus, Greece as its main ally, Italy and Turkey are involved. Athens has already called Ankara's actions provocative.

Sergei Guryanov
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