Today: January 18 2019
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Russia remains the only topic in an attempt to Kiev to reach the West

Russia remains the only topic in an attempt to Kiev to reach the West

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Ukrainian President during his visit to Great Britain gave another bunch of statements, each of which serves as a denunciation of the political demagogy of Kiev. That there is only an attempt to sell the British anti-Russian propaganda in the context of the right recalls the close cooperation between London and Moscow.

Ukraine and its government officials are increasingly occupied by the Russian media agenda place jester veteran. All their "branded" a joke well known and several tired of seeing public.

But once past the "jokes" it is still impossible to pass. Another example of this approach have become statements of the President of Ukraine had made in the course of the current visit to the UK.

During a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House in London Petr Poroshenko quoted Winston Churchill, "Churchill said in January 1942-th" One hopes that, if it is sufficiently feed the crocodile, the crocodile will eat it later than the other "saying then that this "crocodile" is Russia.

Difficulties Ukrainian politicians to capture the context and relevance of certain topics have long been known. This case was no exception. One must have a special talent, that during the anti-Russian campaign to remind the British about the situation lasting (though not too long) alliance of our countries against a truly terrible "crocodile".

However, a funny situation around a couple of other statements of Petro Poroshenko, and, of course, centered around Russia. Actually incessant emphasis Russian theme - annexation, aggression, sanctions and imperial ambitions of conquest - Ukrainian public figures clearly demonstrate that they are well aware that they and Ukraine as such interest to the West in general and the world only in the Russian context.

Ukrainian President, speaking of Russia, saidThat Trump's administration understands that the conflict (around Ukraine) is not a clash of civilizations and the "clash between the world and the world of the rules of engagement." But then he сказалThat "we have no other choice but to seek peace through strength, not appeasement."

In the latter statement is interesting as the fact that it is a rip-off (well, the highest form of flattery) recent words of US Vice President Mike Pence that "peace is achieved by force", and that the statement Poroshenko show interesting verbal gymnastics at quite adequate perception of reality.

The new US administration has already proven to be a successor to the traditional American approach to international politics - with reliance on military force. It is not only the right claimed, through its Vice-President, but also demonstrated in practice a massive missile attack on Syrian airbase Shayrat.

Ukraine should be fully in line with its geopolitical "overlord", as evidenced by her actions in the Donbass, and the above words of the president of the country.

In this situation, claims against Russia and its accusations that it relies on the same force in the conduct of its foreign policy, look, of course, amusing and hypocritical.

At the same time the choice of Kiev has in any case no. By virtue of the above-described problems - Ukraine interesting for the West only in the context of Russia - this topic will remain the dominant rhetoric in foreign policy of the authorities. Moreover, it will be forced to worsen, eventually turning into a farce as the real loss of attention of the world to Ukraine. A recent manifestations become more.

Another setback for Kiev became a fresh decision of the UN International Court, which refused to Ukraine in the interim measures to Russia under the claim of terrorism. However, parallel to the court in The Hague called on Russia to refrain from "infringement" of the Crimean Tatars. However, this did not prevent Peter Poroshenko called the court's decision "very promising" and the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even called it a victory.

Another resonated statement Petra Poroshenko in London was the statement that Russia is "trying to build an alternative reality." It has been repeatedly notice that with regard to Ukraine to Russia much more material to work with a therapist, rather than lawyers, diplomats and other similar professionals. Recent statements by Kiev to fully confirm this observation.

However, the converse is also monitored by a base. For Russia, Ukraine favors a kind of mirror, even curves. This means that Ukrainian politicians and government officials continue to be in demand in the Russian media agenda, even in the role of jesters.

Irina Alksnis
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