Today: January 18 2019
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Russia will respond to America with a blow to Europe

Russia will respond to America with a blow to Europe

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The main goal of the so-called "sanctions" of the United States is not the Russian Federation. This is the US trade war against Europe. The goal is Europe.

It is very strange for me to see how numerous experts are just talking about some sort of "sanctions" from Russia against the United States. Gentlemen, what are you talking about? Wake up already.

Bratki beat the businessman and extort money from him. You, then, how sideways? Yes, you have some business with this businessman, and they stand as long as they mutate. Yes, a businessman is formally presented for cooperation with you. But this is only an excuse, not a reason. They want money from him uncomplicated. His money, not yours. Than you can answer, if from you even anything also do not demand?

Amazing series

During the time of the US trade war against Europe, what happened? The EU-Russia trade turnover has decreased by 300 billion a year. And the US-Russia trade turnover has even grown. Direct taxes in favor of the USA from European corporations have been put into practice. A new package codifies this practice and puts it on stream. Who suffered the most? - Europe.

This is not hidden in the x-files. This is in front of everyone's eyes. But almost all of them for some reason continue the obvious open trade war against Europe called "anti-Russian sanctions."

And how did it happen that the Japanese and South Korea, occupied by the Americans, were not forced to break off economic relations with Russia? It would not be so difficult. But for some reason, such "sanctions" were not required. A multibillion-dollar sales of Russian weapons around the world? Let's say that you can not press on China and India. And for all other buyers - really. But even Iraq is allowed to buy Russian weapons. It would seem that a blow to the military-industrial complex by prohibiting exports would be the most effective against the "aggressor". But no. Nothing like this is observed.

Everything is only about Europe. No "anti-Russian sanctions" can not be seen. One war with Europe.

The United States has no practical sense in pressuring the Russian economy. It is not a competitor for the US, even as the market is not particularly interesting. Another thing is Europe. 750 million high-quality population, aggregate GDP, industry - more than in America. Is it dangerous. And it's nutritious.

And in this war a new strategic offensive begins. Let's look at the options for the development of events. There are exactly two of them.

1. Americans put Europe on their knees and put a heavy new tribute (energy, increased spending on weapons, etc.). Double effect: robbery and reduction of the enemy's potential.

2. Americans quarrel with Europe. Then customs barriers will rise from both sides. The US will reduce the negative trade balance with Europe. Ie, the flow of manufactured goods in the United States in exchange for paper will be reduced. The US will begin to import substitution and re-industrialization on the resource of domestic demand. For the EU, the American market is a third of exports. The reduction will hit production, the purchasing power of other markets is lower, it will not be possible to completely redirect the flow of goods. Theoretically, American goods under new conditions should be cheaper - in Europe higher costs due to higher social guarantees. And the balance within even one EU is lower than in the United States. And the Young Europeans will help create problems for Old Europe, right up to wars.

Conditionally, we can consider the first option as the goal of globalists with the candidate Hillary, and the second - the goal of American country elites with candidate Trump. Both groups need to attack Europe. An offensive in this very form can serve both.

And you were surprised at the unanimous vote in Congress and in the Senate? And how do you think, what about the coordination of the bill between the parties? If we consider that the bill is "anti-Russian sanctions", then it is necessary to recognize the existence of that realistic pro-Russian party and numerous Putin agents in that wreckage. And if we assume that each group tried to direct the attack on Europe to its own advantage, everything will fall into place.

And what should Russia do here? To introduce anti-sanctions against the US? A pack of jackals fights with a flock of hyenas for the right to devour a buffalo. We will throw stones at the dust clouds that hide the battle? What for?

And by the way, the buffalo also has an opinion. That is, the buffalo is only one side whole. In fact, inside it, too, their jackals are fighting with their hyenas for one of two options.

As always, Russia faces a difficult choice. At first glance, it is advantageous for Europe to break away from the US in the second option. But Russia risks becoming dependent on the EU - they are economically much stronger, and the European problems that arise in the process of divorce will require aggressive methods of resolution, at our expense, for example. The Europe that fronts the world hegemon can try to seize some sovereignty with the help of Russia, using some of its resources on a mutually beneficial basis. Russia for Europe sometimes becomes a situational ally.

Breaking the chain Europe will enter the arena is to seriously fight. Who will Russia be for her then? Is it still a situational ally, a strategic ally or a direction for aggression?

The best option for Russia will be to cause serious mutual damage for both battles across the Atlantic. The less they can then present, when the smoke dissipates. But we must also keep ourselves, from there regularly arrives. And so that it does not turn out that the bleeding opponents will then easily be overwhelmed by China and will dictate its rules.

Russia should choose its own strategy, its tactics. And pass along the razor's edge. Whatever has been elected, two modes of action are possible: passive observation and survival or active intervention.

Russia can not prevent America and Europe from dealing with each other. Attacking America has not the slightest sense, and there are no real opportunities either. Attack should be Europe. No, do not try to attack the buffalo, it's not under force. It is necessary, choosing your own route, to beat hyenas, to help jackals, then to beat jackals, to help hyenas. Both internal and external. Difficult game. And the fog of war, propagated by propaganda, will always hide the true goals.

Therefore, the response measures (real, not imitative) of the Russian Federation to "American sanctions" will be directed against Europe, and not against the United States.

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