Today: January 18 2019
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Russia has moved the hands of the nuclear clock. Which way?

Russia has moved the hands of the nuclear clock. Which way?

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On the destructive actions of the US in Syria, Russia promised to respond by force, will it promise to change the situation in the Donbass?

While working on this article, the situation changed dramatically. Russia wants to reduce tensions in international politics, and, apparently, it can only achieve this by unusually tough rhetoric. Now the West does not spare the Russians and, on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia, already uses anything as an excuse. Skeletons are taken from the cabinet. Will Vladimir Putin cope, will he be re-elected, and will Russia continue to move along the planned course? What, in turn, will Putin use and what have he already used?

In the Sunday broadcast "Lens" on the channel ČT1 sounded an interesting idea. In the report "South Korea: Museum of the Korean War" in the commentary on the pretext for the beginning of the war, the following was said: "This was a fateful mistake of Soviet diplomacy at the UN General Assembly meeting in 1950. The absence of a Soviet representative allowed the Western countries to approve military intervention, which in fact was the beginning of the Korean war. " At me, the spectator, the jaw simply has disappeared. And I'll explain why.

Further, the voice of the commentator in the reportage said that Czechoslovakia then fought side by side with nine states. They were in opposition to 22 countries led by the United States, which today is grateful to the people of South Korea, and these countries, having intervened with military means, brought peace to the Korean peninsula. I must admit that in the first instant it seemed to me that I misheard or simply misunderstood something. On the site ČT I looked at the report again and found out that no - I did not mishear. So, the Russians, because they did not appear, caused a conflict. Bravo ČT! In your opinion, Russians are present in Ukraine, and there is no war yet, which is comparable in scale to the Korean one. Then, perhaps, you should praise the Russians for their presence. But no, you are doing the opposite. So what's the deal? Is it or not, good or bad?

50 shades of madness of the perverted West threaten Putin in domestic politics. Or not?

With a grain of irony, of course, one can say that Russians interfere or not, whether they do something or do nothing, they are still not right, and as the Obama administration put it, Russians will always stand "on the wrong side of history."

Lovers of irony may also notice that anti-Russian Western rhetoric is now supported by society in the West, which is experiencing very strange transformations resembling somersaults. For example, "Facebook", of course, is a Western invention. Today, its user can choose from approximately 50 options, answering the question about his gender. In Europe, it is no longer enough to be a man or a woman! And you say that there is no intermediate link in Darwin's theory!

If the West fails to impose on Putin 43-th floor, he must distribute cookies in Kiev, set up people in another country against his own politicians in Bolotnaya Square and make a split in the Russian society because of the Olympics in Korea. Apparently, neither Radio Free Europe, nor sanctions, nor other means are helping to achieve what the West wants.

"Russia is governed directly by the Lord God. Otherwise, it is impossible to imagine how this state still exists, "Putin joked.

We Europeans, standing on the right anti-Russian side of history, suddenly find out (including through other Czech media and TV programs) that between a man and a woman there are 50 sexual colors. Here I would like to note that nature would not have done anything like this. There really was not an intervention from above! From the media, we also learn that if you ask a woman in Paris to give her phone, then immediately get to prison and you will only rely on the help of a good lawyer. We learn that in the UK a person who protects the sexually aggressive kiss of the fairy prince, who thus awoke from the lethargic sleep an unhappy sleeping beauty, is none other than a chauvinistic pig. By the way, the prince is no better: he is the first pig.

And in general all these cited shameless perversions can not be told to children, even before going to bed, and even less so in class, as it undermines pre-pubertal morality.

President Vladimir Putin plunges into the Jordan during a festive bathing in the Orthodox holiday of Epiphany in the monastery of the Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert on Lake Seliger

It becomes clear why Vladimir Putin, a macho, an alpha male in the traditional sense of the word, who, exaggerating, in an interview with Vladimir Soloviev (it is available on the site called "2018 World Order") is uncomfortable with such an international public: "Under Peter I there was a famous the Russian German Minich who expressed an interesting idea: "The Russian state has the advantage over others that it is governed directly by the Lord God Himself, otherwise it is impossible to explain how it exists until now."

Putin interferes with peace, because he is independent. He plays by his own rules, but at the same time he calls for cooperation. In fact, no Western leader needs cooperation precisely because he is a leader. Therefore, he does not understand what Putin wants. The West does not understand the Russian soul and regards Putin as a dangerous alien God.

"Amoeboid" face of the West. Loss of identity

But who leads the West, more precisely, than the West is guided, when, for example, accuses Russian athletes of doping, based on the words of a single witness in the person of a certain Mr. G. Rodchenkov? And he, by the way, can boast of a medical diagnosis, which sounds like "reactive psychosis". The media is also aware of his suicidal attempts. And the statements of such a witness led to the fact that in Korea (and again she ...) did not let those Russian athletes who could claim gold medals. Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov in the program "Besogon" notes that other Western athletes who use dope because of "health problems", like asthma and other things, were not disqualified. In this regard, most striking is the American athlete, who officially takes testosterone (due to transgenderity) and continues to compete with women! Her name is Mack Beggs! Here it should be noted that with such a tank of someone else's testosterone, I would not go to bed - with all due respect, Mademoiselle Beggs!

So do not you think that this world is a little crazy? Now it is clear why Vladimir Putin is so disliked in the West? He is not loved only because he is a man, a judoka, who, God forbid, is good in other spheres of life. And all this causes genuine envy.

The fact that Putin takes amphora from the ocean floor, heats Siberian tigers, teaches Siberian Cranes to fly and even flies to Tu-160, in fact, there is nothing abnormal. Probably everyone read Verne's novels. Only a few can implement them. In one Russian song it is sung: "We were born to make a fairy tale happen!" And for this power there is only one who is not afraid to kiss the enchanted princesses, as they say, from the bottom of his heart.

With their new weapons, Russia moved the hands of the nuclear clock back

The imaginary nuclear clock shows how many minutes left before the devastating world nuclear catastrophe. Earlier this year, the CNN television station said that the nuclear clock is shown without two minutes (nuclear) midnight, which coincides with the position of 1953 year. The "nuclear speech" of Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018, paradoxically transferred the hands of the nuclear clock back to a safer position. The nuclear balance between the superpowers is being restored. The probability of a nuclear strike in Russia and its response has somewhat decreased. I emphasize that the experience of dropping atomic bombs on foreign cities so far is exclusively in the United States.

What surprises is Russia preparing? We have already heard the overture, and it should discourage the West from sabotaging the presidential elections in Russia and interfering in the events in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin himself says that when he was brought a list of persons who distinguished themselves in developing new weapons for Russia, he noted not the names, but a long list of firms that participate in the technological breakthrough of Russia into the world, and made a big contribution. If Russia has laser weapons, ultra-compact reactors, completely autonomous underwater drones and aeroballistic means, whose surface in flight can withstand two thousand degrees Celsius, and speed in the dense layers of the atmosphere approaches the first cosmic one, it is natural to assume how much the civilian sector. The answer is completely epochal.

Rally "For Strong Russia!" In Support of Russian Presidential Candidate Vladimir Putin at the Luzhniki Stadium

Putin hinted that commenting on some of the phenomena is premature. However, in an interview he assured the American journalist NBC Megan Kelly that he was responsible for his words, and some of the weapons he claimed were already in service with the Russian army. All this is unfolding on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia. Putin knows that the examples are impressive people, so he took out of his sleeve previously unseen things. Anyone who is not a virtuoso pianist and hears his performance, thinks that there is some trick here. Maybe so. But, rather, it's about knowledge and new technologies. We will have to get used to it. Times have changed.

Change the situation in the Donbass?

After Putin's speech with "nuclear speech", preparations for a meeting of representatives of the United States and North Korea began. Accident? The further, the more Ukraine loses its exclusive position in the transit of Russian gas to Europe. Putin either held some trump cards before the election race, or pulled them out literally at the last minute. But if the domestic political situation in Russia is more favorable than the media in Europe, then Putin's actions can be regarded as an example of strategic planning that will culminate in its results in practice after the Russian presidential elections of the year 2018. It can be assumed that Russia has already committed or will soon make a big leap in energy. Together with laser, nuclear and other IT technologies, this can mark a new scientific and technological revolution, which already causes respect. In all likelihood, in the near future the West will decide to closely cooperate with Russia. Thus, the conflict in Ukraine is likely to be settled soon. The main thing is that during this time Russian President Vladimir Putin does not lose interest in cooperation.

Vladimir Franta (Vladimír Franta, Literární noviny, Czech Republic)
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