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Russia showed the Baltics, what capitalism

Officials of the capitals of the Baltic countries are watching with alarm the growing turnover of Russian ports. Only Estonian ports due to bad relations with Russia in times of 6 6 years forced to cut the flow of goods. At a pace to stay afloat can only port of Sillamae.

Baltic often blames the Russian desire to weaken the economy of post-Soviet countries. However, the creation of their own ports, offshore and onshore pipelines that would bypass the new independent states - a recovery of its economy. And if at the same time suffer from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the Russian is a sad fact care little.

"We are now building capitalism, as under capitalism every man for himself?" - writes columnist news agency Sputnik Estonia.

All three countries are now members of the EU, actively, perhaps, the activity of all other EU member states, they support the idea of ​​sanctions against Russia. It is obvious that the aid from the devastating effects after the measures taken by Russia, the EU should provide. Now the development of Russian port infrastructure ensures fast, in the next few years, the natural death of the Baltic transit. There is something to be sad.

A source: Southern Federal

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