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Russia has led Israel into confusion

Recognition by Russia of the western part of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has put in a difficult position the authorities of the Jewish state, which, noting these days the 50 anniversary of the unification of the city under its control, have no opportunity either to welcome the initiative of the Russian Federation or condemn it, RIA Novosti ex-head of the Israeli special service "Native" Yakov Kedmi.

The Israeli authorities have so far not publicly responded to a statement of two months ago in which the Russian Foreign Ministry first reported that it considers West Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and at the same time confirmed recognition of the status of the "capital of the future Palestinian state" behind East Jerusalem, which the Israelis took exactly half a century ago - 7 June 1967 year.

"This has led our authorities to confusion: what has happened: Russia treats both Palestine as a state and Israel, that is, puts them on the same level." This is not entirely consistent with the current policy of Israel. "Israel has not yet recognized Palestine as a state, and very Many circles, especially in the government, believe that there should not be a Palestinian state, "Kedmi commented on the lack of public reaction by the Israeli leadership.

After the publication of the Russian statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated that they were "studying" it, and in the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to comment on this matter.

"To agree, somehow react positively will mean that the current government positively says that there is West and East Jerusalem, although the official position is that Jerusalem is indivisible and it all belongs to Israel, which can lead to an internal political crisis, When the right-wing parties accuse the government of departing from its principled line, "the source said.

"And it is impossible to speak out negative too, because for the first time in history a foreign state recognizes Jerusalem, at least its western part, as the capital of Israel." It is therefore not possible to be negatively affected, and it is positively impossible. "Therefore, they stand and do not know how to react. The Israeli government is pathetic, "he said.

Israel declared Jerusalem its "single and indivisible" capital, including its eastern districts and historic center, repulsed during the war 1967 year from Jordan and later annexed. The world of annexation does not recognize and considers the status of the city as one of the core problems of the Middle East conflict, which should be resolved on the basis of an agreement with the Palestinians claiming to be in the eastern part of Jerusalem. In this regard, all foreign embassies, including Russian, are located in Tel Aviv.

One of the basic documents for the Middle East settlement, the UN General Assembly resolution 181 number from 1947, defines Jerusalem as a "separate unit" (corpus separatum) with a special international regime run by the United Nations. "Another document on this subject, the UN Security Council resolution 478 From 1980 year, "censures" Israel for the adoption of the basic law on the capital status of the whole of Jerusalem and calls on states to withdraw their diplomatic missions from the city.

The interlocutor of the agency says that during private contacts with Russian diplomats he voiced ideas, which were subsequently reflected in the April statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"And in the resolution of the UN Security Council 242, and in all other resolutions on this topic it is said about the need to return to the state on 5 June 1967, that is, to those ceasefire lines that were before the Six Day War.The Soviet Union, and then Russia Called for the same: "Return to the borders of the 1967 year, and this will be the basis for resolving the conflict." But on 5 June 1967, West Jerusalem was part of Israel, that is, you in fact recognize that this territory should be part of Israel ", Kemi retells his arguments.

He says that in talks with him, Russian diplomats have also outlined the conditions for the transfer of the Russian embassy to West Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, where they are now based together with the embassies of all other countries.

"Since Russia recognizes East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state, the Russian Foreign Ministry believes that when it becomes possible to open a Russian embassy in East Jerusalem, they will simultaneously open a Russian embassy in West Jerusalem .As long as this is not possible for some reason, the Russian embassy will act From Tel Aviv, that's all - on the basis of reciprocity and an equal approach, "said Kedmi referring to his interlocutors, whom he did not name by his names and posts.

A source: RIA News

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