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Russia Extends Counter-Sittings

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a document on the extension of the ban on the importation of certain types of agricultural products, raw materials and food from countries that imposed sanctions on Russia. The resolution is posted on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Restrictions apply to the USA, EU countries, Canada, Australia, Norway, Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

At the same time, retaliatory measures apply to individual states "taking into account the degree of their involvement in the sanctions regime."

Earlier, Medvedev stressed that such a step is a forced measure. Thus, Russia not only defends its national interests, but also supports "a very important sector of the economy." According to him, the agrarians repeatedly asked to extend the reciprocal restrictions against the European Union.

Western countries have introduced anti-Russian sanctions in 2014 due to the situation in Ukraine and Crimea. Moscow in return has limited the import of products from countries that have imposed restrictions. The embargo extends to meat, sausages, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

The West links the sanctions with the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly stated that this requirement is absurd, since Russia does not participate in the intra-Ukrainian conflict. Also, Russia repeatedly called the conversation in the language of sanctions counterproductive.

A source: RIA News

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