Today: March 23 2019
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Russia has formed a special unit in Syria "Hunters LIH"

Russia has formed a special unit in Syria "Hunters LIH"

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The Russian military formed a new division of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) for the fight against "Islamic state", which will operate mainly in the desert of Syria.

It was called "ISIS Hunters" (Hunters LIH). This elite formation ATS Amphibious fully financed and trained by the Russian special services and trained in Latakia before it was transferred to the eastern part of the province of Homs, where his men are involved in operations in the west of Palmyra.

"Hunters LIH" mainly specialized in the protection and the protection of government facilities in the desert areas of the country. However, at the moment they are attracted to the release of oil and gas fields, as well as to protect ammunition depots, air bases located near T-4 "Tiyas".

The Syrian command has taken into account the previous bad experience when these tasks are performed by the militias that do not have the necessary resistance, with the result that, during the attack of militants "Islamic state" in the Palmyra, they not only left the historic center, and retreated to a considerable distance, throwing weapons and military equipment, the terrorists have taken advantage, develop their success.

According to military sources in Damascus, the Russian military advisors CAP sun want to be sure that again this situation will not happen again, when government forces are forced to give the newly liberated territories LIH. Now the protection of these lands and strategic facilities will be engaged fighters, Russian specialists trained Special Operations Forces.

Oleg Soloviev News Source Free-News:
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