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Russia was going to build an Arctic railway

The Yamal Peninsula has attracted particular attention lagodarya held this week in the field of infrastructure projects "Rosinfra" national award ceremony. Railway project Bovanenkovo-Sabetta was awarded as the best strategic project in the area of ​​transportation support in the region.

During the award ceremony, held in the framework of the investment forum Sochi-2017, Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov stressed the particular importance of this project for the infrastructural development of the Arctic.

"This railway line will have a synergistic effect, because it is associated with an even more strategically important highway Northern latitudinal way", - said Sokolov.

"The commissioning of the entire Yamal-Nenets railway line will allow us to provide transportation for the entire European part of the country", - the minister added.

Railroad between Bovanenkovo ​​and Sabetta is the most northern section of the Northern latitudinal railway - designed 707-kilometer railway line between the east-west and the town of Nadym Labytnangy in Western Siberia.

The new line will permit the carriage of passengers and goods from Archangel to Labytnangi, which is currently in the terminal station, through the Gulf of Ob and further to Novy Urengoi and Surgut. It will be a powerful new way of communication between Western Siberia and the Arctic coast.

"With this support, I am confident that the project will soon become a reality," - he said at the ceremony the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area Dmitry Kobylkin. According to the regional administration, the project has already been prepared for implementation, and it has the necessary investors.

It is noted that the project is quite expensive. According to some estimates, the total amount of investment of about 190 billion rubles, and all funds will be obtained through a public-private partnership. The mere construction of a bridge across the Ob is estimated at 70 billion rubles.

This project was praised by President Putin. During the annual press conference in 2015, he stressed that he would like to Sabetta under construction in the port became universal and was capable of handling all kinds of cargo. "There's a very convenient location, with good logistics," - he added.

A source: MixedNews

Author: Translation Igor Abramov

Tags: Russian, Railway, Economy

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