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Russia has entered a new

Russia has entered a new "42-th year." Ukraine - a distracting blow, no more

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At the heart of any story is geography. The elementary truth, which most do not want, but more often than not can not understand due to the fact that geography simply does not know. When you start listening to many politicians, political scientists and political scientists, especially from a liberal camp, you inevitably begin to doubt their knowledge of geography, even within the school course. When they start waving a bogey of democracy and try to spread it violently everywhere, you want to ask to look carefully at the map of the Earth before uttering mantras from a democratic quotation.

A close look is enough to see that the so-called democracy first triumphs in the territories protected from a possible adversary geographically. The United States of America is geographically located on a continent protected by the oceans, they do not have enemies there. Seventy million Indians, who lived before the Anglo-Saxon colonists arrived, these colonists successfully destroyed, driving a few survivors on the reservation. From the humiliated and territorially circumcised Mexico fenced off the fence, so that the impoverished neighbor population did not climb. And that's all. There are no enemies. You can build a new life from scratch, no one interferes. And they created it. The fathers of the founders of the United States were not so much genius people who gave birth to the principles laid down in the constitution of the most successful country, but rather as lucky ones, which no one interfered with these principles, known since antiquity, to implement. We envy them.

Map 1. Raprostranenie "democracy" in the world. Circle blue

If we take Europe, it inherently has only a huge Eurasian peninsula, bounded to the east Russia, which is historically an enemy can only be called a very big stretch. And then only to the extent that Europe is this due to all sorts of selfish ambitions she wants. What is not a ground for democratic experiments. And only after World War II managed to 2 forced to reconcile the major European players - Germany, France and England, the realm of democracy reigned here.

Map 2. The spread of "democracy" in Europe. The border circled in blue.

And that's all! In all other territories of the mainland of the Earth, called Eurasia, there is no democracy in the American or European understanding and can not be. Different cultures, different civilizations, their permanent clashes and interpenetrations make such a democracy impossible! And any educated person to understand this is MANDED! And if he begins to sing in a learned voice about democracy in Ukraine, the territory of which was historically the gateway of the great migration of peoples, or in Syria, this center of the world "ethnoreligious porridge", then you know that you have an inveterate scoundrel working out a task for a very concrete interest.

There can be no universal fundamental principles of the state and social system. The struggle of civilizations is not a whim of Zhirinovsky, but an objective reality that can not be avoided anywhere. And for the demand to remove the main Syrian "dictator-villain" Asad, as a little earlier than the Ukrainian monster, the usurper, the offender of the "they-people" Yanukovych, then to create through "free and fair" elections democracy in the courtyard and "ethnoreligious cauldron" is quite tangible a specific self-serving calculation, cynically and desperately using this struggle of civilizations.
I do not know exactly what will say Vladimir Putin in his speech at the UN General Assembly, but it is unlikely he will dare to say the truth. The fact there are tactical considerations. There is a big geopolitical game, the struggle for world domination and global resources, and on the rostrum of the United Nations under the guise of a verbal husks major players are all possible and impossible ways to push their interests. The main intrigue is whether realized his interest in Europe, or again followed in the wake of US policy.

Several years ago the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright rashly uncovered that Russia undeservedly disposes of one-third of the world's resources. She was reiterated that yes, this is so, and, alas, the second world prize under the name of Siberia, went to Russia. Without going into details, where is the first prize, and to whom did he get it, I will draw attention to what followed. Our homegrown liberal media have consistently and stubbornly drummed into the head of the Russian man in the street, that China is the main contender for the riches of Siberia, which will try to get them from weakened Russia. Including by quiet migration expansion of a part of its huge population, which in fact for some reason does not happen. The West at the same time is exposed as a friend and an example for imitation, and somehow forgot to mention about how many were invasions from Russia in Europe to destroy Russia as a state. Hitler, Napoleon, Swedes, Poles, etc. Some historians call the number nine. I will not go into details, so as not to distract from the main thing - from the territory of China there was no one invasion, except for the Damanskiy border incident. All!

History need to know to learn and draw conclusions. A historical memory periodically refreshed.

And now let's return to geography in the light of today's geopolitical situation. There is a world non-hegemon of the United States, striving for world domination. Leadership of the world he has, but there is no dominance. For domination, he must control the world's resources. He can not control China's human resources, but China without mineral resources is not a competitor to him. And the world's mineral resources are controlled by the United States, remember the number one prize, and Russia, let's remember prize number two. Putting under the control of prize number two, the United States gets the coveted world domination. Absolutely obvious and clear conclusion. Therefore, the main goal of the United States is dismemberment of Russia, separation from Siberia and establishment of its control over it in the form of an informal protectorate, as now in Ukraine. It is important to understand that we are talking about dismemberment, and not about the destruction of Russia. Russia should remain in truncated borders to the Urals, as a natural buffer for Europe from Muslim and Chinese civilizations. European democracy should feel comfortable on the peninsula of Europe. A truncated Russia with a strong army capable of successfully repelling Islamist attacks and taking on all the adversities of a border state is necessary for Europe.

The plan for the liquidation of Russia did not come about yesterday. The first stage - the disintegration of the USSR was carried out successfully by introducing traitors into the country's top leadership. It was this, and not economic difficulties, that disorganized the USSR. Today, frank traitors in the top leadership are not visible. And foreign policy shows that in the Russian leadership, everyone is well aware and understand, and act according to the situation, often ahead of schedule. But all that happened yesterday, like the civil war in Iraq and Syria, the emergence of IGIL, the Ukrainian crisis were only a prelude. The real battle begins now, watch the speech of the Russian President at the UN General Assembly. The second, after the collapse of the USSR, the plan for dismembering historical Russia is already so obvious that it can be confidently described. It seems that the Russian leadership did not want to fully believe in him, but when awareness came, his actions were lightning fast and effective enough. If you look at the ethno-confessional map, it becomes clear that the main blow against Russia will be inflicted in the underbelly, from the south through Central Asia, through the former Central Asian republics by opening a new front against them. The severe economic situation in these countries, unemployment and poverty, will bring into the ranks of IGIL hundreds of thousands of embittered local men who are capable of sweeping away the current regimes of Turkmenbashi-2, Karimov and Rakhmonov in a short time, after which they will move expansion to the territory of a relatively prosperous Kazakhstan, which in connection with falling prices for raw materials, also begins to fever. The fact that the situation will be kept under control is not a fact. Russia in principle is capable of this, but by the exceptional strain of all its forces. In case of failure, IGIL will already come close to Omsk, riots in Tatarstan and Bashkiria will begin, and here the cherished goal of Americans to cut the territory of Russia is very close ....

To implement it, you need to do 2 things. The first is to direct the main forces of IGIL to Central Asia, and the second is to divert the Russian military forces on the second front, so that they do not have enough for the main, Central Asian front. Ancillary will obviously be the Caucasian direction, where the situation is still under control, but there is no doubt that once again they will try. War in Russia will be the hands of IGIL. And not only with Russia. Ilham Aliyev has already understood everything. He is the first at IGIL on the way. Azerbaijan has already begun the process of breaking with the West. It is very important. The Azerbaijani leader had the intelligence not to unleash the second Karabakh war, to which he was persistently pushed. Very soon he will not be up to Karabakh. Shiite Azerbaijan pseudo-Sunni IGIL will simply sweep away.

Map 3. The spread of Islam and possible occurrence of LIH

And now about the second front against Russia, which by serial number was supposed to be the first. It is Ukraine. Events in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq almost coincided in time, and they were provoked by the same force - the United States of America. According to the now completely obvious plan, Russia had to wallow in the war with Ukraine, get under global sanctions and depletion of resources on the eve of the decisive strike of IGIL through Central Asia. Not grown together. And today one can only applaud the Russian leadership, masterly responding to the global provocation of the United States in Ukraine. Sanctions against Russia have not been accepted, at least globally, Ukraine has not got involved in the war in Ukraine, the Crimea has bloodlessly withdrawn, and created buffer DNR and LNR with armies comparable in their capabilities to the Ukrainian one. Tactical successes are brilliant. Obviously, there will not be any discharge of DPR and LC. They will unrecognizedly "keep the front" against the Banderaists as much as necessary, unleashing Russia's hands in the Middle East, where the main strategic task today is the destruction of IGIL. With all due respect to the legendary Russian Che Guevara - Igor Strelkov, we must admit that he did not calculate the situation to the end, and his actions and appeals for the spread of the Russian Spring to the whole territory of Ukraine were premature and even harmful. Time for this has not yet come.

And now about Syria. Syria - Stalingrad today. It can not be surrendered, and they will not surrender it. Rates do not allow. As the surrender of Stalingrad in 42-th year meant a geostrategic catastrophe, and the surrender of Assad, with the subsequent disintegration of armies and states in Syria, precede an unacceptable geopolitical catastrophe in Central Asia. All the words of the Americans about the coalition and the fight against IGIL are lies and hypocrisy. Seriously to fight with ИГИЛ they will not. And they do not need Russia in any form in anti-GIL coalition. The decision to transfer Russian arms and military advisers from Syria only confuses, to be more precise, already confused, to them all the cards. How the US will try to push Russia out of Syria, we learn from the course of discussions at the UN General Assembly. The pressure will be frenzied, but ours will not go away.

Over time, the Americans will still have to answer the question of how IGIL has got into the hands of billions of dollars, oil fields and weapons. The first task of IGIL is the overthrow of Assad and the destruction of Syria. To imitate the war with IGIL, the Americans, as already stated at the official level, are gathering for years. To his actions in Central Asia do not interfere. Having given all of Syria to IGIL, it will be so. As events in Syria will develop, the near future will show. After oversleeping the global geopolitical provocation of the Americans in the Middle East and Ukraine, the Russian leadership of effective tactical successes in many ways brought to naught the American successes. But the overall situation remains extremely difficult. This must be realized without illusions. Our country experiences its "42 year" for the second time.

Parmen Posohov
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