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Russia has withstood the American "reconnaissance in force"

US Secretary of State once again shared the results of his visit to Moscow, during which he held talks with Sergeem Lavrovym, and with Vladimir Putin. "We have not decided," - he said. In the context of place on the world stage in the event the last days of its recognition can only be understood fully in a certain way.

The US administration was marked by two bright remarks about Russia.

First, the press service of the White House published a report on the first hundred days of Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Among his other achievements was marked by "isolation of Russia in the UN." Apparently, it is a question of the veto, which Russia imposed on the resolution on Syria alone - without the support of China.

Then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in an interview that during his recent visit to Moscow, no results have been achieved - "we have not decided."

This could be interpreted in a very negative way to Russia, all the more so at Trump great hopes in the sense of improving US-Russian relations. However, everything is relative, and to better understand the situation it is necessary to assess what is happening in the relationship States with other countries at the moment.

Here are some fresh news.

Donald Trump demanded that South Korea one billion dollars for the placement in the country of US missile defense system THAAD, which should protect it from North Korea. And after Seoul refused the "generous offer", the US president threatened to terminate the agreement on free trade with South Korea, concluded a few years ago and led among other things to a twofold increase in the US trade deficit with that country.

Rex Tillerson said that China is ready to impose sanctions in the event of another North Korean nuclear test. Beijing at the time of this writing, has not commented on the statement. This is all the more significant given that, as is the case with the resolution on Syria is Russia blocked the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution on North Korea.

As we know, Beijing is associated with Pyongyang much closer relationship than Moscow, but it turns out he did not have the resources, capacity and the will to act in this matter against Washington. And the announcement of the American Secretary of State of China's decision on the possible introduction of sanctions against the DPRK seems humiliating for Beijing and alludes to the fact that Trump's administration managed to push the Chinese authorities at least on some issues.

Europe has not yet tried Trump's hard pressure in full force. While it is a question of individual initiatives and statements. For example, as is known, Trump regularly expresses that Europe must pay much more for the military protection that the US provides to it. Now, there are rumors that Washington may require Berlin and Paris to increase their obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement. In addition, there was a leak that the US can prohibit the transportation of large electronic devices on board aircraft flying to them from Europe. Given the recent meeting of Angela Merkel with Ivanka Trump at the invitation of the first, it seems that Europe is already ready for concessions on the possible requirements of the White House.

All the more clearly manifested image of the president of Trump on the international scene as a ruthless businessman using rigid methods of pressure and risk of provocations and the preferred tactic of financially-force blackmail.

Against the backdrop of caves in under pressure from the White House apart is the great powers Russia, for which it was directly stated neither failed to agree on anything.

It looks frank recognition Washington that Moscow has not given in to pressure and provocation (in particular, we are talking about the history of chemical attack and missile attack on an air base Shayrat), not in the least losing their positions.

In this context, the "isolation of Russia in the UN" looks standard formula-excuse when to say nothing and to say anything right.

Apparently, Moscow's exactly what is happening and perceive. In particular, the recent interview the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko again translates serene Russia's position on the US, yes, it is now bilateral relations are at a low point, but they will inevitably improve, you just have to wait.

Russia confidently withstood the first "reconnaissance in force" and Trump got a breather while the White House is occupied increased pressure on less resistant power and obtain from it the bonuses for themselves. For relations with the Kremlin Washington will now have to come up with something else.

But until Russia can wait.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

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