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Russia has closed part of the water area off the coast of Syria for the sake of Navy exercises

Russian Navy ships will conduct training missile launches in the international waters of the eastern Mediterranean near the coast of Syria. This is on Tuesday, 30 May, Interfax reported.

In this regard, notifications were sent out for aviation personnel and a navigational warning for seafarers, where specific coordinates of the exercise area are given. Maneuvers will be held from 29 May on 4 June.

23 May, the Russian Navy began exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, which involved the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and the permanent Mediterranean compound of the Navy. The latest frigates Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Essen, Smetlivy patrol ship and other combat units of the fleet took part in the maneuvers.

Shortly before that, the Russian military closed the Mediterranean area off the eastern coast of Libya (north of Tobruk) for the training missile launches for the period from 05: 00 24 May 16: 00 27 May (GMT).

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