Today: 24 September 2018
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Russians are not interested in political asylum in Cyprus

Russians are not interested in political asylum in Cyprus

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According to Eurostat for the year 3105 people asked for asylum in Cyprus. 21% of them are Syrians. 14% are Indians. 13% are Vietnamese. Among the applicants for asylum in Cyprus, there are only ten citizens of Ukraine, and not a single Russian.

Cyprus occupies one of the last places in the number of applications for political asylum. Share - less than a percent of the total volume of the European Union.

The leaders in popularity among refugees are Germany (28% of applications), Italy (23%), France (14%) and Greece (7%).

If refugees from Syria, India and the Philippines go to Cyprus, the situation in the EU is slightly different in the EU.

On the first place, of course, the Syrians. Second place among refugees from Nigeria. At the third, Afghans. This is followed by refugees from Iraq, Pakistan, Albania, Eritrea and Bangladesh. The anti-Semitic countries give Europe half of the annual flow of refugees.

Gleb Nekrasov
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