Today: March 24 2019
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Russians appreciated the goodwill of the Cypriots

Russians appreciated the goodwill of the Cypriots

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More than eight thousand Russians answered a question from one of the tourist companies about which of the countries they consider the most friendly to Russian tourists.

Cyprus fell into the top of the most friendly countries, according to Russians polled by one of the local travel agencies. Also in this list were Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Greece and other European countries, according to the Internet portal

Among the criteria by which Russians were asked to assess the hospitality of a particular country were the following:

  • sincerity of greetings;
  • readiness of local residents to help;
  • providing recommendations on places for recreation, attractions, restaurants, etc.

Among all these countries, Cyprus is considered one of the most loyal. In particular, the island has a lot of cafes and restaurants, where you can meet the Russian-language menu. Also, many Cypriots speak Russian, are always very smiling and benevolent.

Natalia Kudlay
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