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The Russian army will receive a "invisibility cloak"

The new development will make the Russian military invisible for reconnaissance assets, Interfax was told on Tuesday by the Tractor Plants Concern (KTZ).

"The technology itself has not been disclosed yet, although the developers do not hide that they used the latest achievements of the nanoindustry in it," the press service of the concern said. They explained that the new technology will allow to impart radio-absorbing properties of any fabric "practically without changing its mass and other parameters, in other words - it allows to make fighters dressed in ordinary uniform invisible to radar reconnaissance devices."

The development will allow creating lightweight radio-absorbing or radio-scattering materials used in modern means of camouflaging mobile military equipment and personnel. "Today, various camouflage nets, capes based on multi-layer woven structures, paint coatings, etc. are adapted for these purposes, all of them are heavy, many of them work in rather narrow wavelength ranges or have low operational characteristics," the concern said.

In addition, the concern was informed that the new technology allows creating for the military tissue with a membrane effect. Membrane effect in them is achieved by applying a thin fluoroplastic coating with special properties to the fabric. Membrane tissues are widely used in sports clothing, military uniforms and where people are forced to work in extreme conditions. "The use of such fabrics in the equipment of servicemen will significantly improve their comfort when working in a wide range of temperatures and loads," the KTZ noted.

The technology was developed by the Saratov State University (SSU). The KTZ said that OAO NII Stal, the largest developer and manufacturer of integrated defense systems in Russia, and the SSU signed an agreement on joint research into practical application of the development. "Research Institute of Steel" is developing complexes of armored, dynamic, electromagnetic, anti-radiation protection, protection against precision weapons by means of reducing visibility. The Institute creates new armor and composite materials, produces a wide range of personal armor protection: bullet-proof vests, helmets, etc.

A source: INTERFAX

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