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Russian aviation did not miss the IG fighters released from Rakka to Palmyra

The militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic State *" want to leave Rakki for Palmira, the first attempts have already been made, Russian aviation is taking measures to prevent militants from entering Palmyra, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The TASS source reported that the Kurds of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" and the IG * fighters agreed that the terrorists would be opened by the "southern corridor" from Rakki, according to which they should leave the city and go to the Palmyra area. This information was confirmed by several independent channels.

In response, the Defense Ministry sent UAVs to the area, which monitor the area around the clock. In addition, the elimination of terrorists in the area are operating aircraft and helicopters VKS, as well as the Special Operations Force.

All kinds of reconnaissance are strengthened.

The source said that a blow to terrorists was struck on Thursday. To Palmira moved almost 40 pickup trucks with weapons.

Aircraft VKS destroyed 32 cars with large-caliber machine guns, eliminated over 120 fighters.

"Any attempts by IG fighters to move towards Palmyra and build up the groupings there will be severely suppressed," the military department said.

Recall, Rakka is considered the "capital" of the IG in Syria. However, recently there are reports of the intention of terrorists to transfer their main stronghold to another city. In particular, the so-called Syrian Deir-ez-Zor. Rakku began to flood after the opening of locks on the dam.

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