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Russian gourmets gather in Cyprus

The "Russian gastronomic week" in 2017, was first recorded in the international gastronomic report of the World Tourism Organization, the United Nations (UNWTO), said on Wednesday, Vice-President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, president of the "International enogastronomic center" Leonid Gelibterman.

Speaking at a round table "gastronomic tourism as a factor in the development of inbound and domestic tourism in Russia", he said that the concept of the Russian gastronomic week (RGN) was born abroad with the support of the Federal Tourism Agency and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

"The first week was held in 2015 in Madrid, the second in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and we are continuing the project of Russian gastronomic weeks." The next week will go with 13 on 17 November 2017 in Cyprus, "Geliberman said.

He also shared his plans for 2018 year and reported that has received an application, which is consistent with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Rosturizm to conduct RGN in Japan. The Japanese, in turn, offered to make a response gastronomic week in Japan, Russia, he said.

"Next, we have plans to Greece, since we are talking" cross "a year, and the Greek government has expressed a very strong desire to spend RGN. In addition, we are working closely with Switzerland, and most likely we will hold RGN in several cantons. The project is very kind, friendly, and it will continue, as it causes a lot of interest ", - the expert continued.

"Last night, I was informed that the international report on the gastronomic tourism, which published the UNWTO, the first time in history included Russian gastronomic week. This is a very great achievement, when Russia say a positive point of view, especially in the difficult international situation" - said Gelibterman.

A source: RIA News

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