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The Russian Museum created the angels as opposed to the Lithuanian Museum of devils

In the resort town of Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad region), decided on his own to prepare for the upcoming celebration of the Orthodox Christmas. The city started its work a museum dedicated to the angels and angelic beings.

On Thursday in the town of Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad region) hosted a presentation of the angels and the Museum held its first tour there. Official opening of the unusual object will happen in a few days and will be timed to the celebration of Orthodox Christmas. The exhibition, which includes more than two hundred exhibits from around the world, located in a small cozy building that residents Zelenogradsk has been dubbed the House of Angels.

"Not so long ago visited is located in the neighborhood Lithuanian Kaunas, at the Museum of devils, - he told the newspaper LOOK project author Irina Klochkova. - The huge building, a long history - but was somehow not on itself from empty shabby halls of the museum. The dirt under the border lay a small wooden angel with Christmas tree ... to get up, wrapped in a napkin. Thus was born the idea of ​​the museum. I decided that the angels are better than the devils. "

As I explained Klochkova, yet not numerous collection (in which many works of authorship presented) is rapidly replenished, and almost every exhibit has a romantic story. Among the unique - Leningrad angel, a gift the popularly favorite Alisa Freundlich. Porcelain toy - an exact copy of the one that has received little Alice for a poem on Christmas party, which was held in the besieged city.

This is not the first museum in the world of similar subjects, but it was another object, called to form a Russian tourist atmosphere of the Baltic as a whole and in particular Zelenogradsk. Local authorities have relied on the event tourism, and the already mentioned large-scale festival of fireworks and a sharp increase in the tourist flow.

"Very warm, good house - told the newspaper the head of district administration Sergei VIEW Mishka. - To come here, as if in a fairy tale. A small area of ​​the museum one should not confuse, under such initiatives we will always find an opportunity to expand the exposure. "

Honorary citizen of the resort recently became an official Belarusian Andrei Fomochkin, swept the Russian flag at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The Russian delegation, recall to the Games was not admitted.

A source: LOOK

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