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Christmas song

Christmas song

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The Savior's Christmas is sung by the earth and the sky, sings the Church, sings the gospel itself. It seems that the human soul becomes a musical instrument to glorify the born Infant ...

Palestine is very small. It's a patch on the mottled surface of the planet. But it was from this patch for many years that Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs burst into the sky. Prophets praised God, resembled the Law, threatened for disobedience. Then suddenly everything was silent. After the last Old Testament prophet - Malachi - Palestine was silent for four hundred years. Israel spent the same amount in Egypt!

When the suffering in Egypt became excessive, God sent Moses to the Jews. And here, when the prophetic voice was drowned, it would seem, in oblivion, when the books of the prophets were read, but their living voice was not audible, Palestine again sounded singing. And there was why. "The boy was born to us. Son, and dasdes to us. " The Messiah was born! Spiritual "Egyptian slavery" is over.


Before the angelic chorus frightened and delighted the shepherds with the words "Glory to God in the highest", other singers sang the opening part of the great oratorio.

It all started with the priest of Zechariah. In the Temple in the service of the Angel told him that he will have a son in his old age. This joy concerned not only one priest, but his child will be such that many of his birth will rejoice, because he will turn many of the sons of Israel to their Lord (Luke 1, 14; 16) From this meeting Zahariya was speechless for long nine months. And shortly before the birth of his son, the wife of Zacharias met the Virgin, who had a child to give birth to the Lord.

The Virgin Mother and the old mother embraced then. Zechariah's wife was filled with the Holy Spirit, and the baby under her heart cheered joyfully and sweetly. Whence to me it! - Elizabeth exclaimed in ecstasy of surprise and named Mary the Mother of the Lord. Mary said, sang Her marvelous song, in which she glorified God, who exalted Her for humility. The Church sings this song daily. "My soul magnifies the Lord," so she begins.

Soon the wife of the priest gave birth. I gave birth to a son, and this birth unleashed the long silent language of my father. The old father did not babble over the cradle of his son, but prophesied and called the child the prophet of the Most High. A long silence was replaced by a revelation of secrets. Four hundred years of silence in the Old Testament Church also ended. After all, the word is born in silence, in silence. This is the law. It is impossible to say anything important, not having paused before this painfully and for a long time. So, Palestine sang again.

And only after the singers who live on earth, the singers who live in Heaven sang their party. About the joy that will be to all people, they sang a song to the shepherds. In those parts where King David grew up and lived, the relation to the shepherds is special. How to know if the Lord will not make someone of them great and unforgettable? The angels were not embarrassed by the meager number of humble listeners. They knew, foresaw, guessed that their song will not be forgotten, but in a chorus of millions of voices it will be repeated from now on everywhere: "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth, good will in men!"

And it was not the last song of those amazing times. Forty days later, in the Temple, the singer Simeon sang his song. He was tired of life and was exhausted waiting for the promised Redeemer. And then he waited. Without fear of making a mistake among ordinary temple crowds, he went to Mary, took the Messiah in his arms, blessed God and said: "Now you let go of Your servant, Vladyka, according to Your word, in peace."

His songs were echoed by a woman who reached a deep old age, Anna, the daughter of Fanuilov. She approached, praised the Lord and spoke about Him to all who were expecting deliverance in Jerusalem (Luke 2, 38).

We remember the songs sung by the children at the entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem. Then the children exclaimed, and the scribes gnashed their teeth. Then, silence the babies, they would yell the stones of Jerusalem. But before that song the children were still far away. And here, as we see, the old people sang mostly. The old world waited for renewal, and the voice of the dilapidated world was joyfully heard from the elders' lips - Zechariah, Simeon, Anna. Only Virgo was young and innocent. Only the heavenly singers added their triumphant notes to this oratory.


Since then, the Church has sung. She no longer trumpets into silver pipes and does not beat into cymbals. The Voice serves the Church to God, sings to Him a "Song of the New," in which the vocal cords are strung like strings, the lungs work like organ bellows, and the tongue works joyfully like a living cymbal. All the songs sung by then, we sing to this day. To them we added many new songs, in different ways of singing God dressed in humble humanity.

Truly, Christianity is a song, a musical religion. And it's not just that complicated instruments are invented, wonderful musical works are written, to the sounds of which the stars are listening, flashing. The fact is that man is called to become a living harp, a psaltery in which strings are the powers of the soul and the senses of the body, and the fingers of the player are the grace of the Spirit. Who was able to arrange this way, he became the instrument on which God plays. This is the fulfillment of the words of the psalm, sing a new song to the Lord, singing to our God.

The end of Revelation is the Apocalypse, filled with victorious and grateful songs. In order to become a participant in that future singing, one should listen to singing today. At first listen, then quietly sing along: "Christ is born! Praise! Christ from heaven! Meet! »

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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