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ROC lashed out at usury and modern colonial system

Moscow Patriarchate criticized the global economic system and encouraged to take control of the release of the world's currencies.

"If the world needed currencies freely traded throughout the world and serve the universal yardstick when economic calculations, the production of such units should be under fair international control, which will be in proportion to the participation of all states of the globe", - stated in the draft of a document "Economics in the context of globalization ", published on the website of the Russian church.

The document was developed by the presence of the Inter-Council (an advisory body of the Russian Church, which involves not only the bishops, but also ordinary priests, religious, laity) and sent to the diocese for discussion.

As stated in the document, despite the collapse of the world colonial system, most rich countries "in pursuit of the ever-receding horizons of consumption continue to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else."

"It is impossible to recognize the true international division of labor in which some countries are suppliers of absolute values, especially human labor or irreparable materials, and others -. Providers of conditional values ​​in the form of financial resources At the same time the money received in payment or non-renewable natural resources, often taken literally "out of thin air", through the work of the printing press - thanks to the monopoly position of issuers of world currency ", - stated in it.

As emphasized in the Church, such a one-sided globalization, "giving undue benefits to the participants one at the expense of others, entails a partial and, in some cases, virtually complete loss of sovereignty."

The authors also pointed out that "increasing property stratification promotes multiplication of sins because provokes lust of the flesh at one extreme, envy and anger - at the other."

"In the context of globalization significantly strengthened transnational elite is able to evade the social mission, in particular by the transfer of funds abroad in tax havens, to exert political pressure on the government not to submit to the public's requirements. We see that national governments are increasingly losing their independence, less dependent on the will of their own people, and more - on the will of the transnational elite, "- believe in the Church.

The document also criticized usury and classified credit sphere the main engine of the economy, and argues that if the inability to repay the debt before the threatened bankruptcy of one borrower, "in the context of globalization excessively bloated" financial bubble "threatening bankruptcy of all mankind."

The authors touched upon the roots of the migration crisis, saying that attempts to indigenous people of wealthy nations to stop migration flows remain fruitless, "for coming into conflict with the greed of their own elites interested in the low-wage labor."

"But even more inexorable migration factor was the spread of a hedonistic quasi, capturing not only elite, but also the broad masses of people in countries with a high standard of living. A sign of time becomes a refusal to continue the race for the most careless, smug and personal life. The popularization of the ideology of child -free, the cult childless and without family life for themselves lead to a reduction in the population in the most seemingly prosperous societies ", - they noted.

A source: Interfax

Author: Interfax

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