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15.07.2016 - 23: 04

Russian Orthodox Church has refused to recognize the status of the documents of general Orthodox Cathedral of Crete

Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church recognized the Council of Orthodox churches in Crete, an important event, but the council can not be considered as a Pan-Orthodox, he said Friday after a meeting of the Synod of the head of the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media Vladimir Legoyda.

"The Holy Synod decided to accept that took place in Crete cathedral, which was attended by primates and bishops of ten of the fifteen autocephalous Orthodox Churches, was an important event in the history of the conciliar process in the Orthodox church. However, the decision of the Synod emphasized that the basis of Pan-Orthodox cooperation throughout the conciliar process was the principle of consensus, while the conduct of the Council in the absence of consent on the part of a number of autocephalous Orthodox churches violates this principle ", - transmits his words to RIA" Novosti ".

Because of this, he added, "the Synod ruled that took place at the Cathedral of Crete can not be regarded as a Pan-Orthodox, and the documents adopted by it - as expressing general Orthodox consensus".

Also, according to Legoyda, the Russian Orthodox Church Synod decided to refer the documents discussed in Crete, to study the Synodal Biblical-Theological Commission. The findings will then be presented to the Synod.

26 June ROC promised to respond to the message of the Cathedral of Crete.

At the end of the Holy and Great Council, which was held with 16 on 26 June Crete chaired by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, it was read a letter in which, in particular, calls for a cessation of all hostilities in the Middle East and said that the Orthodox Church is united .

Cathedral, qualifies as Pan-Orthodox intermittently over half a century, began formal work on Crete 20 of June and will last until June 26. Primates ten of 14 local churches represent the interests of the lower part of the Orthodox world. Participate in the Cathedral of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to the proposed conditions of abandoned Bulgarian, Antioch (Syria), Georgian and Russian Church.

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