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ROC: the desire to boycott the Cathedral of Crete was not in sight

Russian Orthodox Church from the outset actively involved in the preparatory work for the Council on Crete, no aspirations to boycott it was not, said a spokesman for the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill priest Alexander Volkov.

"The Russian Church is actively preparing for the Pan-Orthodox Council, and no aspirations to boycott or to create some kind of non-working atmosphere to paralyze the work of the Pre-Council on our side was not in sight. On the contrary, with the January synaxis in Chambesy Patriarch Kirill solutions that have been adopted, that our church will be actively involved in the preparatory work ", - quotes him RIA" Novosti ".

On Monday, the Russian Orthodox Church followed by a number of other local churches - Bulgarian, Antiochian, Serbian and Georgian - proposed to move scheduled for the second half of June Pan-Orthodox Cathedral.

Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church have expressed concern about the lack of "the consent of His Beatitude the Primates all recognized local autocephalous Orthodox Churches" to participate in the Council, drawing attention to the fact that in this situation the Cathedral can not be "Pan-Orthodox".

Serbian church later yet confirmed its participation, pointing out that in the case of ignoring the comments of missing local churches also reserves the right to leave the cathedral. Despite this, the delegations agreed to take part in the Council of the ten churches arrived in Crete, and the patriarch of Constantinople once again called on all churches to participate in it.

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