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Russian spring unclenched, global madhouse closed. XXI century began

"Crimean message" Russian President dawned so clear that it clarify the comment, it is ridiculous. Putin said everything and everyone, everything and everyone called by their names. We can only draw conclusions.

First. Officially announced the launch of Reunification - not just beneficial cooperation of neighboring states that tactfully called Eurasian integration, namely the reunification of Russia in its cultural and historical space.

Moreover, the "Crimean precedent" is nothing more than an operative and even forced decision of a particular issue in specific circumstances, but in general, the accession of a region to the Russian Federation is by no means the only technology of Reunion, but in fact it is completely exclusive. Only in Ukraine will other scenarios be realized in the near future, too, according to the situation, but in a rigid methodological channel. Namely: reliance on the will of the people as the only source of power, procedural legitimacy, unconditional priority of national - more precisely, multi-national - interests of Greater Russia (not to be confused with Russia) and its traditional moral values.

Politics is the Ukrainian crisis in Russia remains unchanged and is based on the obvious truth - we are one people, Kiev - mother of Russian cities and the cradle of Russian civilization. Therefore: Ukraine will not share. With anyone, if someone does not understand.

Second. Reunion - is both situational and Russia's response to a specific threat to its security and strategic civilizational project as a response to the challenge of the crisis of the existing world order.

Well, that's coincidence.

Our Western partners have lost the edge, having started havoc on our sister Ukraine. "Walk the Line", from which they, in truth, and all would have been better to stay away. We could not know - and could not answer otherwise. And very well turned out that our response has been prepared in advance - not as a febrile reaction, but as conscious thought and strategy as an integrated meaningful project, secured to the same will and power. It is always so, if you know and understand what you're doing, it's going well.

"Crimean precedent" - is not just a special case of the restoration of historical and geographic equity. This is another step (together with already existing Customs Union and preparing in normal mode on 2015 year project of economic integration) to the formation of a Eurasian "geopolitical mainland" as one of the foundations of a future post-crisis world order - that Putin declared a priority of its current term. Proclaimed that - it does. Why be surprised?

The third.
Irresponsible and self-confidence "amazing primitive, straightforward cynicism" Western partners have, of course, sad. But we are still willing to build a new world order is in agreement with them (see Russia's proposals for the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis).

However, if that - and we can not consent.

For this case, we have, firstly, we ourselves - Russia. And secondly, we are not alone: ​​in the list of our allies Putin called China the first thing - or rather, China called himself, and not just in the Eastern and categorically.

And you should pay attention to the unprecedented direct appeal to the Russian president the people of Germany. After all, the essence of something that does not appeal to the Germans reacted to the Crimean issue "with understanding": in fact, Germany was directly, albeit in a very respectful manner, it is suggested to determine the ally - neither more nor less.

Such offers can only do world leaders.

Fourth. All that we are witnessing now - not a royal whim. This - version Putin mandate handed to him by the people of Russia in the elections 2012 year. Russian people no longer wanted to be white and fluffy and putting life on the growth in personal wealth. Russian people (the only source of power!) Wants to return to its natural state - the people-builder, people-winner, the people - the world leader.

Therefore, the people of Russia elected Putin.

Therefore, for the people of Russia in March 2014 year choice between Sevastopol and Schengen proven wildly simple: proven sociology and pictures from the streets of Russian cities.

And Putin - executed: he is for it and became president.

"Spring unclenched." And it will not stop.

And finally. Actually XXI century began March 16 2014 year. With our supply.

Madhouse unipolar world and celebrations sucked from the finger meaningless dogmas exhausted and declared closed.

In the new century will be new ideas and new leaders. Maybe it will, we - there are prerequisites for this. Or maybe not - this premise, alas, too. But we - in the game.

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