Today: March 19 2019
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Russians begin to punish Western politicians for their Russophobia

Russians begin to punish Western politicians for their Russophobia

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European politicians should be more careful about what they say about Russians - the time when they got away with any lies about Russia, ends. In Holland, the second prominent politician was in the center of the scandal after his remarks on the Russian theme. The Russian-speaking citizens of the Netherlands are trying to punish him, using a very unusual occasion and tool for this.

Just two weeks ago, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zailstra resigned - he was caught lying about Vladimir Putin. The politician attributed words to the president of Russia, which he did not say. And Zailstra said that he himself heard them from the mouth of Putin, when he met with him in 2006 year.

Putin's words about the desire to "recreate Great Russia through the accession of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic and parts of Kazakhstan" - naturally, violent - have been repeatedly cited with reference to Zailstra. It has not yet emerged that he was not corny in the conversation with Putin. The minister resigned exactly the day he was expected to visit Russia, not staying at his post and half a year.

Zailstra is a one-party member of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Rutte, who heads the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy. But his decision to resign was supported in the second party, which is part of the ruling coalition. And the leader of the "Democrats-66" Alexander Pekhtold did it so that caused a new scandal. Pehtold finished his speech with the words:

"I have not yet met a single Russian who repented and corrected his mistakes himself, like Halba."

That is, Pekhtold, in fact, denied the Russians the ability to admit mistakes and repent. "Rudeness and arrogance" in the silver, only in the Dutch version. In principle, by the standards that has become the norm in the last four years of open political Russophobia, nothing special - Putin is openly called a dictator, Russian countries are scared of Russian aggression.

However, in the case of Petchold, there is a chance that the story will continue, and not the most pleasant for him. After all, in the words of Pekhtold, the speech was already about the Russian people as such - and these politicians paid attention to the inhabitants of Holland itself.

In social networks, a campaign was launched calling for legal action against Pekhtold. Her immigrants from Russia started living in Holland, but then ordinary Dutch joined her. The initiator of the campaign was the student of the University in Tvede Nikita Ananin:

"I went to the police station, where I applied for discrimination. A few more people have joined me along with me, and I think there will be even more statements. At one time, there was a precedent in Holland, when the policy of Herta Wilders was attracted to the answer for discriminating against Moroccans. Then there were hearings, which resulted in even saying that discrimination of the ethnic group is equated in Holland in fact with racial discrimination, that is, racism. On such a line we could draw Alexander Pekhtold. On our part, it was important to show that it is not permissible to do so. "

Indeed, the Russians in Holland want to act on the scheme already tried by the Muslims. They bluntly say that they are outraged by double standards.

"If you offend a black person, you are a racist, if a Muslim is a nationalist, and a Russian is a good person. We believe that we need to react sharply to such things, "says Natalia Vorontsova, who lives in Holland.

She told RIA Novosti that she did not want to receive a statement from the police at first: "A woman in the police department tried to enter into a discussion with me. Tried to convince me that the politician did not mean anything reprehensible, and called my efforts a waste of time. "

Nevertheless, the Dutch police still accepts applications for Pehtold. And now, activists want to bring the matter to court. Although, as the Russian Dutch remember, "when they judged Wilders, who insulted the Moroccans, some pre-filled application forms were prepared in some departments so that the process would go as efficiently as possible." The explanation is simple - although formally in both cases we are talking about the claims of one of the national minorities living in the country, the difference is not only between Moroccans and Russians, but also between Wilders and Pekhtold.

Moroccans make up about a third of the million-strong community of Dutch Muslims, and Russians in the Netherlands are unlikely to be more than a few thousand. But more importantly, they wanted to condemn Wilders not only Muslims, but also the authorities. Because Wilders is an antisystem politician, Eurosceptic, nationalist, populist, whose party periodically comes out on top in polls. But he does not succeed in breaking through to power - all other systemic parties are blocked against him, as well as against other European right-wing parties.

One of the most famous of them, "Democrats-66", and is headed by the second decade 52-year-old Alexander Pekhtold. D-66 is the most left-liberal, multiculturalist and anti-traditionalist party, for it students of large cities, sex minorities and migrants most willingly vote. Now she is a junior partner in the ruling coalition. And, of course, no one in the government of Rutte wants another scandal all on the same Russian theme.

Still, it will be difficult to hush up the case, because the government itself created a precedent, supporting the court against Wilders. It is clear that the ruling coalition simply did not think that they themselves can get into this trap.

In recent years, disagreements between systemic Dutch politicians and Wilders have only intensified. And the Russian theme naturally became one of the important points of divergence - Wilders repeatedly called for the renunciation of war of sanctions against Russia and against the European integration of Ukraine, and Pekhtold flew to Kiev to Poroshenko (including on the private plane of one of the Ukrainian oligarchs). So the statements of the leader of the "Democrats-66" about the Russians are not accidental.

But he did not take into account that the Russians actually learned to correct their mistakes. And if before they did not use "European tools" for their protection, now they will use them to make them repent of those who are used to not being ashamed of their Russophobia.

Peter Akopov
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