Today: January 16 2019
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Russians in Syria. Aircraft

Russians in Syria. Aircraft

Tags: Syria, War in the Middle East, Russia, VKS, Aircraft

When the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic asked Vladimir Putin for help in the fight against the terrorist group IGIL ((banned in Russia) on its territory, which is not much and remained in the autumn of 2015, the first to bring down all the military aircraft of the Russian Air Force. , then, from the territory of our country, the Su-34 front-line bombers (making refueling) destroyed the targets for the advanced war on terrorism in far-off Syria, when there was not yet a huge airbase Khemeymim in Latakia, when the grouping of forces and COROLLARY had to build from scratch, and as quickly as possible when the base was built in the shortest possible time at a constant threat from militants "psevdohalifata." Russian pilots managed then and continue to work today.

Su-24 and Su-25 assaulters, Su-34 percussion and super maneuvering Su-30SM and Su-35S, "all-seeing eye" A-50 and the newest MiG-29SMT look in our selection.

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