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Russian women won their superparfyum

On the eve of International Women's Day on March 8 GUM the presentation of a very special flavor. New women's perfume are called Leaders Russian Woman, project authors set themselves the task to convey the image of perfume not only Russian women, but also of Russia itself.

"According to the perfumers, Russia has a female face", - said the mastermind of the project Maxim Fomichev. This image in art, culture and fashion - not a year, not two or even a century, and "Russian Beauty" has long been inspired not only in Russia but also worldwide.

"The image of the Russian woman, whose beauty is admired men in the world, and became the inspiration of our perfumers" - said Fomichev. In the creation of perfume attended by French and Russian perfumers. The English name of the perfume creators explain the desire to promote the perfume, not only in Russia but also abroad, as Russian beauties everywhere popular.

According to the authors, it is the smell of a "strong, but at the same time fragile and gentle woman with a rich inner world." Send this image, they decided through the scents of bergamot, rose, lilac, peony, sandalwood, cedar and musk. Classical floral-woody composition, and in fact it could not be more in line with the image of a strict, but sensitive "Russian Beauty", as he is accustomed to seeing. Perfume bottle, too strict and restrained form, is decorated with a two-headed eagle, and the cost of the new fragrance will be six thousand rubles for 100 milliliters.

Authors of the project refer to the "patriotic" theme, reviving traditions and creating an image of Russia as a perfume, not for the first time. Earlier, in December last year, they have already checked in entering the market with the scent Leader № 1. Inspired by Vladimir Putin.

One of the leaders of this project Alex Lemar, then told about the plan as follows: "We are business partners decided to make a unique flavor and revive the old tradition - to devote perfume masterpieces of their rulers and emperors. We are dedicated fragrance Vladimir Putin, who, of course, is a strong and powerful figure in the modern history of the world, and his approval rating and the level of influence in the world apart from the competition. That's it, we have been inspired at all stages of the fragrance Leader № 1 ».

Here we can recall that the most famous domestic spirits "Red Moscow" were originally scent created especially for the Empress Maria Feodorovna, "son of a French soap-boiler" Augustus Michel to 300-anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in the year 1913.

Then they called a "favorite bouquet Empress." And after the Revolution, when the partnership perfume production "Brokkar and K" was renamed the perfume factory "New Dawn", became known as "Red Moscow" - and this name is still well known not only in Russia, but also very popular among connoisseurs of perfume Worldwide.

Well, it is from the heart to wish the creators Leaders Russian Woman same enviable fate as Augustus Michel: the revival of the traditions of perfumery, which is in Russia, and the creation of a positive image of our country in the eyes of the world - extremely good initiative.

So the success of the new perfume in the promotion of the Russian, and even more so - on the world market.

A source: Politonline

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