Today: March 21 2019
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Happy Orthodox! Christ is Risen! Truly Risen!

Happy Orthodox! Christ is Risen! Truly Risen!

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Easter

The word culminating on Holy Easter in the holy father of St. John Chrysostom (in modern Russian)

Who is pious and loving God, let him enjoy this beautiful and bright celebration.

He who is a reasonable servant, let him rejoice, enter into the joy of his Lord.

Who worked, fasting, - let him take a penny.

Whoever worked from the first hour, let him receive the due payment today.

Who came after the third hour, let him with gratitude celebrate.

Whoever managed to come after the sixth hour, let him not worry at all; because nothing will be lost.

Who slowed to the ninth hour, let him begin, not doubting anything, not being afraid of anything.

Who managed to come only at the eleventh hour, even if he does not fear for his delay.

For the generous Lord accepts the latter as the first; calms the one who came in the eleventh hour as well as he who worked from the first hour; and the last one pities, and the first one is baptized; and he gives it, and gives it to him; and takes action, and the intention is welcomed; and the activity gives honor and favor is praised.

Therefore, all enter into the joy of our Lord; and the first and second will receive the reward;

Rich and poor, rejoice with each other;

Wretched and negligent, honor this day;

Those who have fasted and become unfruitful, rejoice today.

The meal is plentiful - saturate all;

Taurus is great - no one should go hungry; all enjoy the feast of faith; all use the richness of goodness.

Let no one complain of poverty, for a common Kingdom has been revealed.

Let no one weep for sins, for forgiveness shone forth from the tomb.

Let no man fear death, for the Savior's death has delivered us.

He destroyed her, having used it in her;

He devastated hell, descending into hell;

I grieved him that touched his flesh.

About this and Isaiah, foreseeing, exclaimed: "Hell," he says, "be grieved, shit away from the share."

He was distressed, for he became idle;

He was distressed, because he was ashamed;

He was angry, because he was put to death;

He was angry, because he was deposed;

I'm sorry, because I'm connected.

He took the body and found God in him;

I took the earth and saw the sky in it;

I took what I saw, and underwent what I did not see.

"Where is that, death, sting?"

Where is tee, hell, victory? "(1Cor. 15: 55).

Christ is risen, and you are repressed;

Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen;

Christ is risen, and angels rejoice;

Christ is risen, and life is established;

Christ is risen, and there is not one dead in the grave.

For Christ, risen from the dead, - "The first fruits of the dead were" (1Cor. 15: 20).

To him be glory and power forever and ever.


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