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Most Popular Searches in Ukraine in May 9 appeared Victory Parade in Moscow

Residents of Ukraine on Tuesday, most often searched on the Internet news of the Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow, such data leads the Google search engine.

Thus, the most popular in Ukraine request Tuesday is the "parade in Moscow 2017", is also among the most common language "victory parade 2017", "victory parade 2017 Moscow" and "Immortal regiment", RIA "Novosti".

In addition, the Ukrainians were interested in postcards, pictures and congratulations on Victory Day.

Citizens of Ukraine also searched broadcast channel "Russia 24» and the First Channel.

Ukraine marks 72-th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany without any celebrations. 9 May the country was not a military parade, no fireworks.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian nationalists have repeatedly tried to disrupt the march of "Immortal regiment" and other commemorative events dedicated to the Victory Day, in different cities of the country.

A source: LOOK

Author: Anton Nikitin

Tags: Ukraine, 9 May, Victory Day Parade, Community, Internet