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The biggest temple Athos collapse during the first earthquake

Greek state Athos cast adrift, resulting in the highest temple of monastic republic - Cathedral of the Archangel monastery Docheiariou - was abandoned and did not survive the first earthquake. They occur on the peninsula often enough.

"Greece still has not realized that after the liberation of Islamic tyranny inherited two great monuments: Acropolis and Mount Athos Athos State left to fend for themselves (...) today the authorities do not seem concerned about the conservation and restoration of monuments.." - he says Docheiariou abbot Archimandrite Gregory (Zumis), publishes his story Agionoros.ru site

According to him, created by the state of Mount Athos Heritage Conservation Center for many years deprived of funding, its engineers have long since retired, and replaced them did not come.

"Twenty-eight years we, brethren Docheiariou, all forces have worked towards creating a plan of restoration of the cathedral church of our monastery. Today, this plan is not adopted to implement due to the center of inactivity. To whom shall we resort? Who to contact? To say that 28 years of research gone in vain, "- says the priest.

Experts who have studied the temple, he said, has repeatedly said that the first consequence of the earthquake will be the destruction of the temple. "We have restored the cathedral with his own hands, how to restore the monastery and all around it, but that a lot of work, we can not afford How to restore a small donation is such a huge and magnificent temple.?", - he concluded the abbot.

Greek Monastery Docheiariou - the tenth in the hierarchy of the monasteries of Mount Athos, and one of the most ancient. The first mention of it belongs to the tenth century. Now it is inhabited by about 40 monks. Archangel Cathedral is famous not only for its height but also the unique frescoes - is that it focuses the most complete cycle of frescoes in the Holy Mountain.

A source: RIA News

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