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Today in Cyprus at night can watch the asteroid overflying

Attention Cypriot observers of the sky tonight will be riveted to a large asteroid 2014-JO25, received the name "Rock» (The Rock).

Heaven about 1 km diameter body will fly away 1,7 million kilometers from our planet, that in 4,57 times the distance from Earth to the Moon.

The asteroid will be visible even with amateur telescopes. On Cyprus it will be visible in the northern sky.

Speaking on state radio in the morning 19 April, the president of the Cyprus Organization for Space Exploration (CSEO) George Danos said that the "stone guest" will give astronomers all over the world a great chance to explore the cosmic body movement and learn more about asteroids in general.

According to scientists, the next meeting of the Earth and the large asteroid will take place in August 2027 years.

A source: VC

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