Today: November 19 2018
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Sex bomb for civilization: the wick is already lit ...

Sex bomb for civilization: the wick is already lit ...

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Recently, in the West, this fashion is expanding, when the battered ladies chorused to recollect how someone had touched their thigh ten or twenty years ago, or verbally hinted (or seemed to hint) that they could have intimate contact.

It all began with producer Harvey Weinstein, whose business was busted - and so he did not vyakal, accused him of raping half the world's population.

However, further - more, this squall began to grow, it came to the dismissal of their posts of serious people - and not only in the States. For example, in the UK, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon resigned.

Any statements to this effect of any woman are perceived as a priori truthful, not requiring any evidence.

At the same time, no one thinks how much such dismissals will harm the interests of the state - and whether these very interests should be sacrificed to the grievances of the aged fool, whom, you see, once felt for some places.

Michael Fallon called most of the accusations in his address a lie - and yet he was forced to leave. I repeat: the defense minister of such a nuclear power as Great Britain.

This is not to mention other, less well-known cases, when people were devoured because of such strange, to put it mildly, accusations.

Strange, because a man (if he is a normal man, not a castrato and not a bugger), is just created to paw, blanch and fertilize women. And this is absolutely normal.

A woman is created to be pawed, squeezed, bled and fertilized. And not to run with feminist posters at rallies or to drag a stretcher with bricks on construction sites.

A woman exists for love and for the birth of children. But in order for a new child to be born, a man must have a woman. And without such vulgar actions - there will be no new life.

By the way, throughout the world of wildlife, females, as a rule, no one asks if they want to be fertilized. When the rooster chases the desperately quivering chicken and, after catching, trampling on it - it does not occur to others to be indignant at the actions of the cock that the hen is raping. On the contrary - they say good things about him, approvingly, as if they know their business.

Because without such actions of a cock - and chicks will not be.

Many people of the world also do not take special consideration of the opinion of women. They are given out for people they often did not see before the wedding.

Of course, such peoples are called savages here. But do you notice that these very "savages" are more and more on earth? They do not live well, they are constantly victorious over the victory, they are bombed and fired with high-precision missiles - and there are more and more of them.

Including them more and more in European countries. And in Russia. And in the USA.

While someone is struggling with the caliphates of certain "extremists", somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East - the caliphates are slowly being created by these same "extremists" across Europe, and in Russia too.

You walk through Moscow. Or in the Near Moscow Region. Sometimes there is an impression that you are somewhere in the vicinity of Tashkent or Dushanbe.

It is not necessary to be Nostradamus, to guess - not so far is the day when Europe (at least the largest and best part of it) and Russia (at least - the largest and best part of it) will become states of the Asian-African type. With the corresponding mentality of the inhabitants - from which later the remains of a European-tolerant dope will fall as pollen from the butterfly's wings.

And everything will return to its own place - that is, to the natural state of nature. Including the fact that the female is the unreasonable property of the male.

Note that in the same Europe, where people are persecuted for the devil knows what is becoming the norm of life is something that would have dumbfounded our ancestors.

For example, in the German army, for the first time in its history, the battalion commander was appointed "transgender" Anastasia Bifang, who until the age of forty was a peasant, and then lay down on the operating table and turned into a woman. And more precisely, in the eunuch, because no other doctor in the world has learned to turn men into women and vice versa. Of course, this "Anastasia" has no uterus and ovaries, she can never become a mother.

It's just "it", slightly made-up for a woman who used to have one hole - and there were two.

That is, at the time when high-ranking qualified military men with healthy male instincts are fired in Europe, they are demonstratively appointed to the command posts of known perverts.

There, already, if you do not want to, you have to think about what is happening. And something is happening that is even worse than just squeezing business out of some miserable Harvey Weinstein.

To put it simply, we now see how the pederastic lobby has turned into a determined attack, trying to impose its perverted standards on the civilized world. And on a global, all-inclusive scale.

We are no longer surprised that perverted sexual behavior has become almost the norm of life for "people of art".

We are not surprised that the words "fashion designer" or "hairdresser stylist" have become almost synonymous with the words "gay" and "fagot".

Do not be surprised - because we are accustomed to this. Although in fact it is absolutely abnormal, unnatural. But the pederastic lobby in the art world and in the modeling business has tightly blocked the way there for normal, talented people. And now it is taking new heights.

After gaining a foothold on the once-won positions, the buggers went into a new offensive - decisive and merciless.

A run on Harvey Weinstein and Michael Fallon is a blow to all normal people, a blow to the eternal values, on the very basis of human existence.

This is covered up, of course, by demagogic arguments about poor, unhappy, oppressed women, for whom they say someone is intervening, so that they are not insulted by their harassment. Although it is clear that no normal woman will not scream at all crossroads ten or twenty years later about how she was once touched by a thigh in her youth.

Moreover, women are just waiting for such harassment from men. After all, the very woman to approach a man with a proposal - this knife is sharp. Not everyone is ready for this. So in general, and pairs are created - when a man approaches a woman with a certain sentence. And it depends on the woman whether to accept it or not.

If a woman starts to remember publicly how she was tipped to sex or touched for intimate places ten or twenty years ago, then she needs to be treated. The same applies to those who begin to talk about sexual maniacs, pedophiles, hiding behind every corner.

One should not think that Russia does not concern all this. We all cook in the same boiler. The earth is round. It's just that in Russia it takes a slightly different form.

For example, the anti-maniac campaign, initiated by inadequate like Elena Mizulina, is an aria from the same opera.

A man should be proud that he is a man - and try to meet the standards of this man.

A woman should be proud of being a woman - and try to meet the standards of a real wife and mother.

People should be proud of their parents. Parents should be proud of their children.

A Russian should be proud of being Russian. The Englishman is that he is an Englishman. The Frenchman is because he is French.

When a person does not respect his gender and wants to change it, when he does not respect his nation and prefers some kind of multiculturalism, when parents despise children, and they dream of sending them to a nursing home, this is a catastrophic violation of the laws of being.

Finally I want to recall a well-known fact: all the great empires of antiquity on the eve of their death necessarily passed a certain period of depravity.

In the same Roman Empire on the eve of decay and death, there was a period when perversion became the norm of life - up to the point that a special decree of the emperor was required, banning castration of the slave boys, whom wealthy owners turned into their mistresses.

Many people probably know the expression "cynicism" - but far from everyone knows where it came from. And it went from Diogenes, nicknamed Kinik (later transformed into a "cynic").

This man was known for his witty statements and non-standard behavior. For example, one day I walked around the city with a lighted lamp, and when asked why he was doing it, he answered: "I'm looking for a man."

One day a young man fell in love with Diogenes and offered himself. But Diogenes, who was married and had three children, drove this guy away with a sneer. Residents of the city were grieved for the poor young man - how upset they would be for an innocent girl.

Diogenes became in their eyes such a cruel mocker. That's why later the word "cynicism" (or "cynicism") became a common name. To this extent, homosexuality was the norm of life for the ancient Greeks.

Well, and as a natural ending - Ancient Greece disappeared from the face of the earth, first falling under the power of the Macedonians, and then under the rule of the Romans. Two thousand years there was no such state as Greece. And when in the nineteenth century it revived (primarily due to the victories of Russian arms, with some participation of the British and French) - it was already quite different people, with a different appearance and with another religion.

So the modern actions of the pederastic lobby, which is actively implanting its ideology, is actually an attack of microbes on the healthy body of the planet. This is a serious infection - which can destroy the body if it does not resist.

But in order to resist infection - it is necessary at least to understand and admit that such an infection really exists and is a serious danger.

Oleg Borovskikh
Blog of Oleg Borovsky
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