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Agriculture in Greece has suffered greatly because of the frost and snow

Snowfalls and frost, established throughout Greece, caused enormous damage to agriculture - the most affected citrus and vegetable crops, say the Greek farmers.

Anticyclone "Ariadna" Friday brought from Siberia unprecedented for Greece frosts and snowfalls in some parts of the state of emergency. On Monday, meteorologists warned of a new deterioration in the weather and snowfall across the country. Bad weather will last at least until Thursday.

"The Corinthia all snowed We have a very hard hit citrus -. Lemons, oranges, tangerines Apparently, there will be apricots this year's damage will be very large..", - Said the Stella Marangaki, which grows citrus and produces raisins and dried fruits .

According to her, it is too early to say whether the vineyards have suffered. "It will become clear later, we hope that the grapes are not vymerz.", - She said.

Corinth was for several centuries one of the main centers of production of raisins and exported it all over the world.

Olive trees from frost does not hurt, I'm sure Dimitris Kokkalis, the producer of olives.

"They Oliva like cold during the cold season is only getting stronger, gaining strength from the heat That olive trees may die, and now they will be nothing new crop year will not suffer...", - Said Dimitris.

Damage, according to him, will bear those farmers who have not yet collected all of this year's harvest: "It is not the whole crop is harvested, and the trees are now in the snow."

He said that large losses will be in producers of vegetables - cabbage, greens, tomatoes, "everything that grows on the ground." "Four degrees of frost for them - this is very much", - said Dimitris.

With this agreement the farmers who grow the potatoes. "We have gathered the harvest, it is all in storage in the ground is nothing left but here the producers losing ground vegetables are.", - Said one of the sellers.

As for fruits and berries, the apple trees from frost is not affected, and whether strawberries, a significant part of the crop which the Greeks before the embargo comes in Russia, will only be known in February, say the farmers.

Greek farmers sell a significant portion of the crop in the so-called "people's markets", taking place once a week in different parts of Athens. On Tuesday, the sellers were very few markets - many could not be reached because of ice and snow.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Agriculture, Weather, Winter, Cold

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