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12.03.2017 - 11: 40

Seven decades of American hegemony came to an end

Seventy years ago, US President Harry Truman delivered a speech before Congress. This statement was later called outlining the "Truman Doctrine" - study US claims of interference in the affairs of others, and in general for world domination. 70 years later, the new master of the White House is thinking about how to return home to America - if I can have him this?

March 12 1947, the US president asked his parliament to allocate several hundred million dollars for aid to Greece and Turkey. But the money was merely a pretext to justify the new geopolitical doctrine:

"One of the main objectives of US foreign policy - the creation of the necessary conditions in which we and other nations of the world will be able to protect the way of life of people, free from any coercion. This was the decisive cause of the war with Germany and Japan. Our victory was won over countries which sought to impose their will and their way of life on other nations ...

The people of many countries have recently imposed totalitarian regimes against their will ... I believe that the United States should support free peoples who are resisting aggression by armed minorities or by outside pressures. I believe that we need to help in the liberation of the peoples, so that they can decide their own destiny "

It was a historic moment - States crossed the Rubicon, clearly expressed their claims to world domination. And I announced it is the same person who is one and a half years before he gave the order to use nuclear weapons.

Harry Truman was the US president largely by accident - a former artillery captain in the early 20-x saw the political master of Missouri. Truman took into circulation, and in the middle of 30-s he became a senator. In late June, 1941-th he formulated the true attitude of the American elite to World War II:

"If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany, and let them kill as many as possible, although I do not want under any circumstances to see Hitler's winners."

In 1944-m Truman suddenly put in a couple of the elections to be re-elected for the fourth time Franklin Roosevelt - to remove the popular and interfere with the establishment of Vice President Wallace. And six months later when the president suddenly died, Truman moved into the White House. Before the victory over Germany was less than a month - and before Hiroshima three. Truman met with Stalin, "he won the" Japan - and found himself leader of the country, which was the strongest in the world.

Europe lay in ruins, England sent Churchill rest, in China there was a civil war. US looked at the world in which their only rival was the Soviet Union - and did not know what to do. Their troops were stationed in Berlin, Paris, Tokyo - but it was not yet clear for how long. It is in the United States Truman decided that all - opting for world hegemony was made in March 12 1947 years.

It should be understood that in the United States have always been a strong isolationist tendencies - that there is a reluctance to engage in other people's affairs. European policy did not like the Americans, but they were not her strength - they are not wanted, what would Europe climbed in case "their" Latin America and the rest of the world provided the care of the British and the French. Ranging they began only at the turn of the century 20 - after the war with Spain. President Theodore Roosevelt became interested in high politics - and was, for example, a mediator in the Russian-Japanese negotiations. Although the First World US entered only 1917-m, they became its main winner. Not even the US government - and the supra-national capital, which slid States forward to the struggle for world leadership.

However, to take full advantage of the outcome of the First World US could not - the power of Britain and France was still such that about any American recognition of even the first among equals not go speech. The Americans were very large financial interests in Germany, but the key elitist were tied after all of London - and when the continent began a great war, remain in Washington was not going to. After the US entry into the war with Japan and Germany, it became clear that in case of victory, America clearly become the most powerful country in the world. It just happened. But nobody expected to lead the country at this moment is Truman.

"Cold War" between the Soviet Union and the United States actually was not a foregone conclusion. Although Churchill and the Soviet Union regarded as a historical enemy and thinking about how to attack the Russian in the spring 1945-th, Roosevelt would never go for it. Truman was easier to correctly orient - Fulton Churchill's speech delivered by him in the presence of the American president in 1946-m, was the beginning of a rehearsal of "cold war". Officially announced its Truman - that it March 12 1947 year is the beginning of an American campaign for world domination, justify their right to interfere in the affairs of foreign states. A new enemy has been called "totalitarianism" - and everyone understood that we are talking about the Soviet Union.

It is understood that the West is afraid of communism - which both anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist ideology of advancing and then in Europe and in Asia. But it was not fair to explain the successes of the communist movement machinations of the Soviet Union and even more so to blame Moscow that "subversive ideology" she zamaskirovavaet their intention to enslave the "free peoples". This accusation US needed to justify its right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

And in order to get approval for this right of the American elite, Truman (and expansionary part of the American establishment), and used the "red threat". The need to bring more to the forefront of the United States was caused by the fact that at that time was already accelerated the dismantling of the British Empire, London and could not control the situation even in their parts of Europe (in particular, in the same Greece). Henceforth control Old World took over the States - there is the Marshall Plan, NATO, begin covert operations to prevent the coming to power of the left in Europe, that is, forces sympathetic to Moscow.

By the way, with the same Greece, which hit in the hands of Red Partisans frightened Congress, Truman, it was very significant - in the country there was a civil war between the red and white, in which Stalin categorically did not want to interfere. Soviet Communists played up only in Europe, where our troops - and did not conduct subversive activities in the "foreign", ie the western territory. States also managed to conduct subversive activities in the east of Europe, and they occupied the same territory - about the CIA's "Gladio" operations aimed at discrediting left-wing forces in Western Europe, will be known only in 90-e. And it was not a campaign in the press - as, for example, terrorist attacks, allegedly carried out on behalf of the "Left".

But the US is threatened not just the Europeans - the result of March 12 1947-th and McCarthyism began, that is, spy, and the defeat of the Left in the United States. And just isolationist sentiment appeared in the US in the pen - any doubt that in the States is a sacred duty to maintain order in the world, to fight the evil of totalitarianism (very shrewdly while Truman did not use the word "communism") was treated in the ideological plane as unpatriotic , almost as a betrayal of national interests.

The immediate consequences "Truman Doctrine became not only the" Cold War "with the Soviet Union and the establishment of NATO, but also more than a hot war in Korea (where the US came to defend the" right "to be divided Korean nation). But in the following decades and dozens of military interventions and coups all over the world - and as a result of large-scale network of military bases around the world.

All this is justified by the need to first deter the Soviet threat, and then, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, a responsibility for the maintenance of peace, the elimination of "terrorist-sponsoring regimes" and the promotion of democracy. The liberation of Afghan women from the "medieval horror" has been going on 16-th year, Iraq spaced cleaned, the Middle East ablaze - and the United States do not know how to get out of the hot spots.

It took seven decades to the White House a president, calling into question the US right to lead the world - one already Trump using the slogan "America first" infuriating globalist-interventionists, perfectly knowledgeable about the isolationist roots of this phrase. Of course, Donald Trump will be extremely difficult to change the direction of the American ship - still continue to sail the course, Harry Truman. On the rocks, on which he will inevitably break.

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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